General English

New Adventures, New You

GV General English, Standard 20 lessons per week

The curriculum emphasizes practical application of language skills. Directors meet on a regular basis to review all academic and curricular issues to ensure uniformly high quality programs at all schools.Classroom activities focus on developing all four-language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking with an emphasis on communication. Students often work in pairs or groups to increase their English comprehension through interactive activities. Real-life topics (work and society, for example.) are explored each session providing opportunities for students to practice English in real-life situations both inside and outside the classroom. Homework varies from program to program.

Students should expect to work within each level for one or two sessions (4-8 weeks) or an average of 8 weeks depending on their test results and attendance. All levels, however, have 3 months of curriculum.Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced English speaker, this superb overall course will give you the skills and confidence necessary to get to the next level of proficiency.

GV Standard General English Provides:

  •  Great nationality mix students from over 60 countries!

  •  Small class sizes average12 students per class

  • 20 lessons per week, Monday to Friday, 8:45 - 12:20

  • Certified teaching staff

  • Comprehensive communicative curriculum speaking focused!

  • Fully accredited in Canada

Toronto Sample Elective Courses:

  • Listening + Speaking: Natural Pronunciation
  • Advanced Reading + Vocabulary
  • Listening + Speaking: Canadian Culture
  • Writing + Speaking: Creative Writing
  • Speaking: Drama and Role Play

  • Listening + Vocabulary: Music
  • Science + Technology: Fitness and Nutrition
  • Debates and Public Speaking
  • Business Communications
  • Management and Corporate Culture