Workplace English Diploma - Self Placement

Note:  Applications for C-30 Work permit required for this program will be accepted by CIC up until May 31st, 2014.

Global Village is pleased to be offering Workplace English Diploma programs (General English + Self Placement) for a minimum 32 weeks and maximum 48 weeks, to students who want to improve their English language skills outside of the classroom environment.

Students must spend a minimum of one session (4 weeks) at GV5 or higher before beginning their work placements.

General English Studies

  • 25 English lessons per week

  • Entrance and exit tests to track progress

  • Includes Certificate at end of program

English Training for Customer Service

  • Offered for 1 study block = 4 weeks/16 lessons total

  • Exit test to track progress


 COOP Preparation Workshop

  • English cover letter

  • English resume

  • Interview preparation and coaching.

Language Training in Work Settings

  • Develop language skills in a real Canadian work environment

  • Interact with Canadians

  • Learn Canadian culture