Think Global, Act Local


February 2016

GV Vancouver  “Think Global, Act Local” is increasingly echoed world-wide by millennials wanting to make their world a healthier happier planet. If this is important to you and you are conscious of your travel budget, then consider taking advantage of the Low Canadian Dollar this summer and immersing yourself in Vancouver, Canada, one of North America’s leading cities with a chic outdoor lifestyle, a proliferation of cutting edge tech companies, and locally-inspired innovations and eco-smart designs.

Visitors are greeted at Vancouver’s award-winning International Airport with a spectacular visual display of art and architectural themes of Land, Sea and Sky representing the cultural heritage, natural beauty and iconic experiences of British Columbia. Global Village students are invited to share interesting progressions in their own countries, such as the War on Soda in Mexicothe Green Revolution in Sao Paulo and How a Colombian Cycling Tradition Changed the World!

Vancouver's Top Ten Christmas Treats

December 2015

GV Vancouver – Yes, classes are running during the Christmas Season * and Vancouver becomes a cornucopia of enticing festivities!

* Classes run every day except on the statutory holidays December 25th, Dec 28th, Jan 1st


Viva Vancouver! Great Student Suites

November 2015

GV Vancouver – The Viva Suites is a student residence and hotel set with a serene mountain backdrop and above the False Creek marinas, this convenient downtown Vancouver location will prove to be the ideal place for students to enjoy all that one of Canada’s finest cities has to offer.

We want you to make yourself at home in one of the 18 elegantly appointed luxury furnished apartment suites.  Our student housing suites start at 2 bedrooms, 800 square feet and are complete with glass showers and soaking tubs. Guest amenities also include a weight room, a sitting lounge with a large balcony, as well as weekly common area housekeeping and secured underground parking.

With the comforts and conveniences of home, our furnished suites are the ideal place to stay when studying in Vancouver.



Vancouver Junior Camp Ramped up for January

September 2015

GV Vancouver – As our summer programs wrap up with loud cheers and celebrations among new friends from around the world, GV Vancouver is receiving a number of requests to look ahead and offer a Junior Camp in January for students on short vacation. We are pleased to respond. We have put together a special action-packed winter wonderland junior camp for groups of students aged 12 to 17. Students will receive high-quality English lessons each morning followed by a variety of exciting activities in the afternoon and weekends. Students can choose one-week, two-week, or three-week packages. The program starts January 10th, 2016, although other start dates may be possible.  





 University Pathways via GV Vancouver

August 2015

GV Vancouver – GV Vancouver accommodates a growing number of students preparing for a university or college education in Canada. Our pathway program is designed to prepare students with the English language skills they need to succeed. Success can be achieved by reaching the minimum official IELTS score. Most universities world-wide recognize the official IELTS exam. Alternatively students can take our General English Program and apply to a number of universities or colleges with successful completion of Level 7. For more info visit our GV Roadmap to Success!



Off the Beaten Track

July 2015

GV Vancouver – A colourful guide for students visiting Vancouver was put together by Tracy Bell’s Upper Intermediate Writing Class. The very readable and photogenic guide contains tips on hidden gems in and around Vancouver discovered and recommended by students of a range of nationalities: Brazilian, Swiss, Japanese, Saudi Arabian, German, Mexican, Isreali, French, Colombian, Libyan.




Vancouver Hosts FIFA Women’s World Cup

May 2015

GV Vancouver – With less than 2 weeks away before the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Vancouver is buzzing with excitement with preparations to host the 24 nation teams. GV Vancouver is rolling out its big screens for showings at break-times. Our GV Events Director, Simon Turner, has secured blocks of tickets for students, starting with 50 tickets for the matches on Friday June 12th: Switzerland Vs. Ecuador and Japan Vs. Cameroon. The tickets are sold at cost. Students enjoy 25% off the regular prices.



Language Immersion in the Community

April 2015

GV Vancouver – One of the most popular ways for students to immerse themselves in the local community is by joining the GV Volunteer Club. Students are invited to join events such as the Vancouver International Wine Festival, the annual Santa Claus Parade, the Vancouver Sun Run, The Dragonboat Festival and the Vancouver International Film Festival. Students really enjoy making new friends outside of school, practicing their English in real-life settings outside of the classroom, and learning something new and interesting.

For young students new to the job market, volunteering is a great way to show future employers that they have interpersonal and team-building skills, are organized and reliable.

Information about local volunteering opportunities is posted regularly and announced at monthly club meetings. International students do not have to have a visa to volunteer with non-profit or charitable organizations on a casual, temporary basis.

Min Jie enjoyed volunteering at the Vancouver International Wine Festival


CBC: the "tuned-in" neighbour and a fun educational resource for students

March 2015

GV Vancouver – GV Vancouver is fortunate to be a close neighbour to one of Canada’s most famous institutions – the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The CBC serves Canada’s public TV and radio stations in English and French and is an important communication network for broadcasting news and hosting events related to culture, politics, economics, social issues, sports, music, etc of Canadian interest. Our GV Events calendar often includes opportunity for students to have a fun and educational experience touring the CBC’s cool building, news and stage rooms, greet the friendly staff and even watch a live recording if they’re lucky. In the summer months, the CBC’s outdoor stage and grassy patio hosts the Musical Nooner free music concerts every day at lunchtime for locals, co-workers and visitors while they munch on their packed lunches. Students can join in and rub shoulders with locals and enjoy the Canadian and international performances. See photos.


BC Government Rolls out Quality Assurance Scheme

February 2015

GV Vancouver - In response to recent federal legislation requiring Canadian schools to be recognized by provincial governments to be eligible to accommodate students with study permits, the Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia has invited schools to undergo its quality assurance mechanism of registration and accreditation. The government accreditation is intended to augment the industry’s self-regulatory accreditation operated by Languages Canada. The twin-pillar industry and government accreditation system will result in one of the most robust quality assurance mechanisms of its type to ensure that quality of delivery is of the highest standard, and that students’ investments are very well protected. GV Vancouver embraces the provincial accreditation requirement. Quality and quality assurance have always been the hallmark of GV Vancouver since its inception over 25 years ago. Our Mission Statement is more true today than ever.


Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia

GV Vancouver Student Testimonial

January 2015

GV Vancouver is honoured to receive and post the following testimonial from one of our latest star students, Daniela Trujillo, of Bogota, Colombia. The testimonial is in both English and Spanish. “Studying a Business English program at GV Vancouver has been one of the best experiences of my life, not only because I had the chance to meet wonderful people from many countries, but because I discovered a whole new world of words, vocabulary and many terms that have helped me to improve my skills and to perform better at my job. This journey has helped me to have better chances for my professional career in the future”. “Hola a todos, mi nombre es Daniela Trujillo, tengo 25 años y soy de Bogotá, Colombia. Llevo trabajando más de tres años, y para poder crecer profesionalmente decidí venir a Global Village Vancouver a hacer un curso avanzado de Inglés de negocios. Definitivamente fue una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado en mi vida, pues me encontré con un grupo de profesionales y con estudiantes de todas partes del mundo que hicieron de este viaje una experiencia inolvidable. Vancouver es una ciudad increible que lo tiene todo, una gastronomía bastante variada, montañas, playas, naturaleza, bahías, muchos sitios para hacer deporte y de entretenimiento, culturas de todas partes del mundo y mucho más. Gracias a Global Village he crecido profesionalmente y ahora puedo desempeñar mi trabajo de mejor manera y tener mejores posibilidades para mi futuro.”



Click here for video...

Tis The Season.

Considerations For Gifts And Souvenirs ...

December 2014

GV Vancouver - Students and visitors often wonder what souvenirs to get for family, friends or themselves while visiting Vancouver.  There are the usual Canadiana momentos, such as Maple Syrup, Smoked Salmon, stuffed wild animals.  But did you know that Vancouver is a major innovator and consumer of cutting edge designer outdoor clothing and gear? Flanked by several ranges of mountains to the east and by the Pacific Ocean to the West, the culture and way of life in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest are heavily influenced by its geography.  Climate and weather can be dramatic.  In the winter, for example, the “Pineapple Express” brings waves of warm air and torrential rain to Vancouver from the South Pacific, while snow heavily accumulates in the Coastal Mountains, often resulting in the highest snow packs in the world.  In the summer, the semi-arid desert of the nearby Southern Interior can top out at 40 degrees.  A proliferation of designer clothing, outdoor products, mountaineering and marine gear have evolved to meet the needs of the active westcoast lifestyle.  Some of the more famous shops and brands are Arcteryx,  Mountain Equipment Co-op, MSR, Outdoor Research, Vahalla Pure.


World's Greatest Library Located Next Door

November 2014

GV Vancouver - We periodically get asked the question “Do you have a library at the school?”   Well, GV Vancouver not only has a library of resources, it has the closest proximity to one of the greatest libraries in the world!  Scholars at Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf have named the public libraries at Vancouver and Montreal as the No. 1 libraries in world cities topping a lengthy list that includes libraries in New York, Boston, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles. "Public Libraries in the Knowledge Society: Core Services of Libraries in Informational World Cities," conducted by researchers in the university's Department of Information Science, ranked the digital and physical libraries of 31 cities around the world.   Vancouver’s downtown library is used heavily by Vancouver residents, students and visitors.  The nine-storey “Colosseum” that holds 1.3 million items and covers a full block is approaching its 20th anniversary, and with that will come  significant advancements. A 3,000-square-foot Inspiration Lab is being constructed on the library’s third floor, which will be transformed into a space where people will have access to equipment and reference material that will enable them to learn and experiment with traditional, digital and new media.  The free, public space is designed to “nurture the talent and creativity of our city and be a hot spot where the next generation of Vancouver’s digital and creative community can get its start,” the library says.   

Media-scape Furnishings For Collaborative Learning

October 2014

GV Vancouver has recently rolled out Media-scape Furnishings by Steelcase. The manufacturer is a leader in the creation of learning and work-space environments to optimize group collaboration and social interaction. 

Since learning and communication extend beyond the classroom walls to every corner of the campuses and beyond, technology and contemporary design serve an important role in efficiently connecting students to their

global village, whether it’s by face-to-face or remotely.  Strategically placed media-scape furnishings coupled with wireless technology throughout make our learning space as flexible as possible to allow students and teachers to rapidly shift between modes of collaborative learning, media-supported presentations, social interaction, as well as individual solitary moments to connect remotely.  See photos.   

Click here for more photos

OSGEMEOS Unveil Their Biggest Public Mural, In Vancouver

September 2014

Portuguese for "THETWINS", OSGEMEOS have taken the art world by storm with their works featured at Deitch Projects in New York, on the monolithic faÇade of the Tate Modern in London, and a large chunk of real estate at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. 

The Brazilian OSGEMEOS are unveiling their biggest public mural ever, in Vancouver, on 360 degree walls 20 meters high created on six gigantic silos alongside Vancouver's famous Granville Island Market and Emily Carr University of Fine Arts. The twin artists found a venue where their painting and characters can be transformed, creating a dialogue between two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds, while sharing perspectives and cultures with locals, visitors and international artists.

Click here for videos and more photos

GV Vancouver Students Demonstrate
High Quality Writting Skills

August 2014

Would you like to see examples of what is considered high level writing at GV Vancouver?  Walter’s GV 8 students have put together a newsletter entitled “The GV News”.  These students exemplify  a level of writing, creativity and personal expression higher than that of most native speakers. 

Click here and enjoy!

Largest Cambridge Centre In North America, CPE Focus 

July 2014

GV Vancouver is the largest Cambridge testing centre in North America, according to the Regional Development Manager of Cambridge.   More and more students are being drawn to Global Village Vancouver to pursue a path to academic or career success, and the results of our students speak for themselves.  Take the example of Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE).  GV Vancouver runs preparation for Proficiency three times a year, starting in January, March and September.  It is the only school in Vancouver to guarantee a Proficiency class that is not mixed with Advanced during these three sessions.  Teachers in the program focus on breaking down and using natural language, developing understanding and, more importantly proficiently using the language learned.  Proficiency is the most comprehensive and advanced English exam in the world, taken as part of the certification of English teachers, aviation experts and professionals around the world.  Passing proficiency indicates a level equal to a native speaker.   Nothing guarantees the best chance of passing more than a thorough preparation course and nothing measures the quality of a course better than the passing rate of the students.   Even though the school and centre are large, CPE classes are always small with an average of 6-8 students.  What has the Global Village Proficiency pass rate been over the last year?  A remarkable 94%!  Whether it is IELTS Preparation, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), or Cambridge Preparation, students destined to Vancouver should seriously consider Global Village as their school of choice.

GV Vancouver, A World Class City
For Students To Explore

May-June 2014

At GV Vancouver the cosmopolitan city setting offers magnificent sea-to-sky vistas of the Pacific Ocean, towering snow-capped mountains and verdant forests, where it is possible to enjoy volleyball on the beach in the afternoon followed by snowboarding or skiing in the evening! 

Enjoy your English studies and explore new worlds while studying at either the brand new Robson Campus or the main Cambie Campus near the iconic Vancouver Central Library.    

Click here to see great new photos.

GV Junior Program Gears Up
For Serious Learning, Serious Fun

April 2014

Global Village Vancouver - Preparations are underway for our sizzling summer Teen Activity Program in July and August. The program attracts a wide mix of bright progressive youths from around the world aged 12-16 keen on improving their language skills, forging international friendships, and enjoying a variety of activities in Vancouver and surrounds. GV Vancouver runs a small program of just 3-4 classes to ensure a high level of quality, interaction and supervision. Our fun-filled program is loaded with a variety of afternoon and weekend activities, such as cycling around Stanley Park, excursions to Victoria/Vancouver Island and Whistler resort.

Most teachers have degrees in Education for teaching junior and high school level. The language program in the mornings has a well-structured and focused curriculum designed to ensure students are receiving quality training in language skill development, as well as preparation for Cambridge FCE or CAE official exams which students can take at the school optionally at no extra charge. Canadian youths are employed as leaders in the program to provide assistance to teachers and opportunities for students to interact with Canadians close to their age. Our homestay program is designed to encourage a great deal of interaction with Canadian families to help improve language skills and learn about the culture. 

For more information, including photos and schedules, please visit our Junior Program webpage.


Global Village Vancouver Proudly Celebrates
25 Years of Service in 2014

New Campus On Robson Street Opens in April ... See photos

March 2014

Since its inception in 1989, GV Vancouver has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most progressive English schools. Well-known for its talented, eclectic and creative teachers, unique campus spirit, low staff turnover, excellence in language training & assessment, homestay services, activities and administrative support, the award-winning school has touched the lives of tens of thousands of bright progressive students from around the world. 

We are moving our Gastown program to a fabulous new campus on Robson Street near to our main Yaletown campus.

Just a few minutes on foot from our main campus in Yaletown (29 classrooms), the new GV Robson campus (11 classrooms) is similar in capacity to the Gastown campus and situated in a beautiful building on Vancouver’s famous Robson street in front of the Central Library. The new acquisition will greatly enhance our quality of service and student satisfaction in many aspects: 

Unification of campuses. Located only 2-3 minutes from each other on foot, the Yaletown and Robson campuses are well positioned to fully integrate our program delivery to ensure students can enjoy classes and services at both campuses, and thus greater access to amenities and a wider circle of contacts and international friendships. Having the beautiful Vancouver Central Library located next door where our monthly orientations and graduations are held will offer more convenience to our students and greater efficiency for our managing staff.

New and safe location. The Yaletown and Robson campuses are adjacent to the downtown core in a new and dynamic pedestrian-friendly area of the city of emerging and flourishing businesses and new services suitable for students and enterprising professionals. 

Modern new campuses with unique features. The Robson campus is a modern and fabulously designed self-contained facility featuring high ceilings and windows in each of the classrooms with pleasing views of the award-winning architecture and landscaping of the Central Library. The campus also features a large outdoor garden terrace exclusive to the school. Our well-known modern and spacious Yaletown campus is also getting a cosmetic upgrade to coincide with the opening and celebration of the Robson campus in April. Stay tuned for more details and photos of the grand opening of the Robson Campus in April and celebrations of GV Vancouver’s 25th Anniversary!

Take It From The Horse's Mouth! New Student Video Testimonials

December 2013

Global Village Vancouver appreciates that prospective students want as much information as possible before committing themselves to the Global Village experience.  Advice from the horse’s mouth – that is, from students in the know -- can be reassuring.  To that end, GV Vancouver is proud to display its growing list of short sound bites.  Enjoy testimonials from Spaniards, Russians, Mexicans, Chinese, Brazilians, Saudi Arabians, Japanese, Swiss, Korean, French.  More to come soon!


GV Vancouver Kicks Off First TED Talks Class

November 2013

GV Vancouver kicked off its first GV TED Talks class this session. The PM Option course filled very quickly and has proven to be popular already.

The course was rolled out in celebration of Vancouver becoming the newly designated host city for TED in 2014. The TED conference is one of the world's most influential incubators of ideas about technology, entertainment and design (thus, TED), and has become so popular that more than 1,000 of its speeches received more than one billion views.


The GV TED Talks course offers a fabulous springboard for strengthening comprehension, vocabulary building, dialogue, and of course, passionate discussions and sharing of a myriad of ideas of global interest. This month the class delved into Simon Sinek’s speech on How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

Vancouver's GEP and Grading System

October 2013

We’re happy to report that we’re getting excellent reviews on our newly revised Student Assessment.  Our Assessment was re-engineered this year based on feedback from students, teachers, and a curriculum advisory committee.  All students receive the Student Assessment at the end of each Study Block session which includes a full written and oral test and evaluation on class performance click here for sample.  


So far, our students are finding the new template more clear, focused and easier to interpret.   Teachers are also finding the revised template much easier to use and requiring little explanation for students.   We have, for example, made the performance descriptors more clear.   A score of 4 means “You have very good strength” in a particular skill in that level --  for example, in pronunciation.   If the student scores “4” in all the skills and components in that level in both AM and PM, then the overall average and final grade for that level is “4”.   

We have also added a zero to the grading system so scores now range anywhere from 0 to 5; the old grading system was 1 to 5 (see diagram below).  This means that if a student is not performing at all or is always or mostly absent, then the student will likely receive 0/5 = 0%.   At the other end of the scale, if a student receives an overall average of 5/5 in all skills, the student is considered to have exceeding strength for that level (ie performing beyond 100%).   It is rare for the student to receive a score of 5 in all or most skills since it would mean that the student is performing beyond the level and should be in the next level already.  If the student receives an overall average score of 4/5 = 80% then the student is performing very high in that level and is definitely ready to move to the next level. If the student scores minimum 3/5 = 60%, then the student is performing adequately for that level and is considered sufficiently strong to move to the next level.    In our old grading system, the same student would have been awarded 80%, the minimum for moving to the next level.   Adding 0 to the new grading system has, in effect, pulled the demarcation points and percentages downwards.  The result is a grading system which is easier to understand and appears more reasonable.


School Of Choice For Vancouver Whitecaps

September 2013

GV Vancouver - For the past two years, GV Vancouver has been pleased to tutor players of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC MLS Soccer team.   Star players -- such as current league-leading scorer Camilo Sanvezzo, and former South Korean World Cup team member, YP Lee, as well as recent recruits Daigo Kobayashi and Johnny Leveron -- are among the growing number of professional soccer players studying at GV Vancouver.  


Global Village provides the new-comers to Vancouver the language skills they need to cope with their new home environment, work with their new team-mates and coaches and also deal with those challenging questions from reporters at after-game press conferences.   Whitecaps games are becoming very popular in Vancouver and among GV students.  The team is currently ranked #2 in the Western Conference.

GV Vancouver Offers Visa and Immigration Services

August 2013

In response to renewed focus on requirements in the Canadian Immigration Act under Bill C-35 we wish to advise our partners and prospective students that Global Village Vancouver is available to provide visa and immigration consulting services.  Our authorized consultant on staff is Ms. Agata Rebisz.   Agata is licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).  Our website now contains an extensive Q & A section on Visa and Immigration regularly updated by Agata.   Agata is readily available by appointment to answer any questions or assist with the visa application process contact 


Please visit our new webpage for more information.

GV Vancouver Offers - New School Video!

August 2013

GV Vancouver is pleased to release its new school video “Global Village Lifestyles – Vancouver”.  The original version was cut by Brazilian student, José Lucas Caetano de Oliveira.   It is loaded with fabulous and authentic shots of students in action and is well synchronized to the punchy upbeat music.  José has generously offered GV Vancouver and Digital 7 to produce the edited version for the school.  We trust the new video Global Village Lifestyles – Vancouver will help inspire prospective students to consider GV Vancouver as their destination of choice.


New GV Events Site Launched

July 2013

GV Vancouver is pleased to launch a new website devoted exclusively to GV Events Vancouver ! After-school and weekend activities are always in high demand by GV students, who love studying hard and playing hard too. The new GV Events site is an excellent information and GVVan_Imagemanagement system enabling students to discover what activities are being offered, get brief descriptions and schedules of upcoming activities, and view seat availability. The site also gives students access to information anytime, anywhere and even prior to their arrival in Vancouver. It is an efficient tool for the Events


Coordinators for managing calendars, communicating key information and making bookings quickly and accurately, especially for those high-ticket items such as ski/boarding trips to Whistler and Big White, NHL hockey games, Rocky Mountain tours, Seattle, and Victoria/Vancouver Island tours.

New Counsellor for Middle Eastern Students

May 2013

Hi!  I’m Zahra.  I work as the new Counsellor for Middle Eastern students.  I was born In Saudi Arabia but my family is originally from Syria. I came to Canada as a young girl.  I belong and relate to two worlds.  I love my new position. It gives me a chance to deal with students on a real life level and not just on a class level.  My Counselling work gives me an opportunity to know more about the students’ dreams and ambitions and give them adequate support to help them attain their goals. I expect this position will give some insight as to what students want and expect from their classes.


Arabic speaking students, like most students, will face adaptation challenges. I have lived in different countries, so I know from personal experience that adapting and adjusting to new cultures and traditions takes time and effort. By sharing my experience with them and getting them to make the most out of their situation and circumstances, students will be able to enjoy their stay at Vancouver better. I also work as a teacher and have a passion for it.  I have always loved explaining things to my classmates.  I have been teaching for 6 years and would like to stay on that path. I aim to become a teacher trainer one day.  I did my teacher training at GV and now I’m back as a staff member. GV feels like home. Teacher training days were some of the best days of my life. I felt comfortable doing my studies here and now that I work here, I feel that I’m part of a big family.

Blockbuster TED Conference Moving to Vancouver Next Year 

May 2013

GV Vancouver - Blockbuster TED Conference Moving to Vancouver
Next Year

Global Village Vancouver - The TED conference, one of the world's
most influential incubators of ideas about technology,  entertainment
and design (thus, TED), has become so popular that more than 1,000 of its speeches received more than one billion views.


The conference features everyone from presidents of countries and leading scientists to business leaders and social innovators. For 18 minutes, speakers talk about their area of passion or knowledge in the hope of igniting more discussion, ideas and action. Among the luminaries have been Sir Ken Robinson, Stephen Hawking, Pranav Mistry, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Sal Khan and Elizabeth Gilbert.

"We looked at a lot of cities in the U.S, especially on the west coast," said Chris Anderson, the curator of TED in a telephone interview. "In Vancouver, we found a special combination of things we didn't find anywhere else and it got us really excited. It is a combination of an amazing city which is reflective of the values people hold. There is a feeling of looking forward, a commitment to excellence, of innovation and sustainability. Just a bustling energy, which is thrilling."

The deal will see TED hold its signature conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre in both 2014 and 2015,  and perhaps permanently. Registration for the Vancouver and Whistler conferences, which take
place March 17-21, 2014, opens later this month.  For more information click here.

GV Vancouver Celebrates its 25th Annivesary in 2014

March 2013

Mark your calendar!   Global Village Vancouver is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2014!

Exciting preparations are underway to offer a fabulous fun-filled opportunity for alumni, esteemed partners, past and present teachers and staff of Global Village Vancouver to come together to connect, re-connect, and celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary in 2014!

 Vancouver Central Library

Originally known as Westcoast English Language Centre since its inception in 1989, GV Vancouver has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most established English schools.    Well-known for its talented, eclectic and creative teachers, lively campus spirit, low staff turnover, excellence in language training, homestay services, activities and administrative support, the award-winning school has touched the lives of 1000’s of bright progressive students from around the world. 

2014 spring and summer will be an opportune time for Global Village alumni, loyal partners and staff to meet old and new friends, share memories and laughter, enjoy the celebrations and activities, and visit familiar and cherished places in beautiful Vancouver and British Columbia. 

Key events:

April 22nd – May 4th, 2014 - Two weeks of celebration! 

  • Open House, Meet and Greet, Organized Activities, Excursions

  • Special study programs and promotions for visiting alumni and their families

  • April 26th -  Global Village Gala at Vancouver Central Library for Alumni and Partners

  • April 25th -  Global Village Gala at Vancouver

Central Library for current and past staff and GV Partners July 28 – August 22, 2014

  • Open House, Meet and Greet, Organized Activities, Excursions

  • Special study programs and promotions for visiting alumni and their families

  • August 1st  -  Global Village Gala for GV Homestay Families + Alumni

Stay tuned for more information and details!

A website portal will be launched soon on our GV Vancouver page with all the details on organized events, booking information, social networking, and the latest updates.

Mt. Baker - English Plus Climbing Skills Course

February 2013

GV Vancouver is pleased to announce a new and exciting introductory course for students interested in experiencing the thrill of mountaineering/technical climbing while studying at GV Vancouver this summer.   British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest is famous for its spectacular mountains --from the Rocky Mountains to the Cascades and Coastal Mountains which tower high above the Pacific Ocean.   This three-day Mt. Baker – English Plus Climbing Skills Course is offered in partnership with North America’s reputable climbing school The American Alpine Institute.


Certified and experienced instructors introduce the fundamentals of mountaineering, glacier travel, equipment, and terminology which are universally understood in the alpine culture.  The team has the opportunity to apply their new skills and do a guided ascent of Mt. Baker, one of North America’s alpine giants towering over 10,000 ft (3000 m) offering unique and breath-taking views of the Cascade ranges, Coastal mountains and the Pacific ocean.  The hike to the base camp in itself is an amazing journey up an enchanting trail buttressed by massive cedar trees, alpine wild flowers and cascading streams.  

See photos on our Flicker site.

More details on this exciting English Plus course will be posted in March.

GV Vancouver Offers Winners Free 7-Day Tour

January 2013

Students enrolled in GV Vancouver’s upcoming spring Cambridge FCE/CAE/CPE programs scheduled to run March 18 to June 7th are eligible to win a FREE 7-day tour through beautiful British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains. The value of the trip is CND 459.00!

About This Tour
One of the top selling tours high-lighting British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies, the 2,300 km route takes you from Vancouver through the wild recreational paradise of British Columbia as you pass by mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and much more on your journey to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. You get a chance to explore Banff and Jasper National Parks along the Columbia Icefields parkway - one of the most scenic roads in the world! This trip is a jump on, jump off adventure bus transportation pass. En route between overnight destinations the bus stops for sightseeing, activities, and other adventures. The service is door to door, and the pass holder receives discounts on activities, attractions and accommodation. Accommodation in hostels is pre-booked for those that want it.

Whats Included

  • transportation

  • services of the tour guide/driver

  • 3 dinners

  • houseboat and jet boat tour

  • park enterance fees*

  • taxes

Trip Options

  • white water rafting (seasonal) near Banff

  • exploring a wild cave near Banff

  • horseback riding in Banff

  • canoeing or kayaking on a glacier lake near Banff

  • Columbia Icefield Snowcoach


Cambridge-enrolled students wishing to take this free trip will be entered into a lottery at the start of the program.
The trip must be complete by November, 2013.
Other conditions may apply.

GV Vancouver Homestay Exceeds Industry Standards

December 2012

As part of our on-going commitment to quality and quality assurance, we are pleased to announce that  homestay families of GV Vancouver are participating in security clearance of the highest order.

Effective January, 2013, all GV Vancouver host family adults usually residing in the homestay – including parents, relatives, lodgers – are required to participate in the Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS).  This level of in-depth screening will help ensure  homestays are suitable for hosting students, particularly minors under the age of 19.

Until now, host families of GV Vancouver have been required to undergo regular Criminal Record Checks (CRC’s).  However, the VSS is being introduced as the most stringent form of security clearance specifically designed to screen those caring for minors and vulnerable adults.   Unlike some other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, in which host families are required by law to undergo criminal record checks, the legal requirement of homestays and residences in Canada is rather ambiguous. 

Agents and their clients need to be mindful of the fact that homestays in Canada may or may not be screened, and the level of screening may or may not be stringent, depending on the policies and practices of individual schools or homestay placement agencies.  No standard as of yet has been implemented by Languages Canada for its members.   

The requirement for VSS screening by GV Vancouver and the rationale for it has been widely supported by GV Vancouver homestay families. We trust that our loyal partners, clients and their families are pleased with this latest initiative by GV Vancouver in quality delivery.

Apply Now