English + Nature and Wildlife Conservation

GV offers a number of interesting placements in organizations devoted to the conservation and/or rehabilitation of Canadian wildlife and nature.

Sample activities include:

  • Public education and outreach

  • Administrative assistance

  • Preparing food and medical supplies

  • Cleaning and repairing cages

  • Feeding and caring for animals

  • Building trails and protecting eco-systems

The Wildlife Organization working in partnership with GV perform one or more of the following services:

  • Short and long-term care of injured and orphaned species

  • Rehabilitation and release of mammals and birds

  • Enhancing public awareness and protection of Canadian wildlife

Application Requirements:

  • MUST have previous animal care or rehabilitation experience

  • Must be 19+

  • Must apply 6-12 months in advance (it has been 12 weeks up to now, but by the time April comes around, 12 weeks is not enough lead-time for summer wildlife volunteering

  • All wild animal and bird volunteer placements will be away from Victoria, requiring travel time and expenses, but coming with onsite accommodation provided by the wildlife centres. (The one centre closest to Victoria does not have bus service to the site, and to date, our volunteers have not been avid enough cyclists to appreciate the lovely ride from a Metchosin homestay to the wildlife centre.)