Our Year-Round Youth Study Tour Packages

are specially designed to give younger learners an opportunity for personal growth and full immersion in English language and culture

Youth study tours can include rigorous language instruction and action-packed activities. Our highly-trained and qualified instructors follow a structured curriculum, which focuses on vocabulary building, functional English, communicative grammar, writing, speaking, reading, and listening activities. Our qualified staff lead students on exciting activities which extend language learning beyond the classroom and allow our students to realize that English is much more than a school subject.

Study tours are available for youth, adults or mixed-age groups at all Global Village locations, any time of year, and can be designed around the requests and requirements of the group.

GV Youth Tour Schedule (mixed school sample)

  • Day 1

    Arrival Airport
    Pick up

  • Day 2

    ESL Orientation
    Testing/City Tour

  • Day 3

    CN Tower

  • Day 4


  • Day 5


  • Day 6

    ESL/Baseball Game

  • Day 7

    Niagara Falls Day Trip

  • Day 8

    Family Day

  • Day 9


  • Day 10

    ESL/Space Centre

  • Day 11

    ESL/Cycling in Stanley Park

  • Day 12

    ESL/Science World

  • Day 13

    ESL/Vancouver Aquarium

  • Day 14

    Whistler Day Trip

  • Day 15

    Family Day

  • Day 16

    ESL/Calgary Zoo

  • Day 17

    ESL/Laser Tag

  • Day 18


  • Day 19


  • Day 20

    ESL/Football Game

  • Day 21

    Banff National Park Day Trip

  • Day 22

    Family Day

  • Day 23

    ESL/Monoa Falls Hike

  • Day 24

    ESL/Honolulu Zoo

  • Day 25

    ESL/Diamond Head Hike

  • Day 26

    ESL/Souvenir shopping day

  • Day 27

    Graduation and Beach BBQ

  • Day 28

    Homestay Farewell at airport

*Includes a.m. classes, homestay, activities, airport transfers.

15 lesson/week format Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 12: 00 (unless otherwise indicated); schools reserve the right to run classes and activities in the morning or afternoon.

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