Success at University Option Class

New Adventures, New You

Studying in university is a challenging task, especially when doing it in a foreign language. Students need a high level of academic English, including academic reading, note-taking and lecture skills, and academic writing and research skills.

The GV Calgary Success at University Option Class helps students prepare the above skills for entering a univer-sity or college in Canada. The class focuses on study skills, note-taking, presentation skills, and the research skills necessary to create university-level academic pa-pers.

Students taking either the General English Program or the IELTS preparation class (25 or 30 lessons per week) can choose Success at University as their afternoon option class. Students completing this class will be well prepared to begin their adventure in studying at a Canadian university.

GV Calgary instructors can assist students through the application process leading to enrolment at one of the many accredited universities or colleges in our Path-ways & Partnerships Program.