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Abby, Academic Coordinator

  • Degree (s): B.A. in English Literature and currently studying Curriculum Design at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

  • Place of Birth: Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

  • Been with GV Calgary since March 2011. Teach the Cambridge FCE Preparation Class, General English as well as administration work.

  • Places Lived: Calgary, Fukuoka, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand.

  • GV Goal: To provide quality teaching along with creating an atmosphere that is fun and great for learning in. Also keeping Global Village Calgary up-to-date with current, interesting, and educational curriculum and lesson materials for the students and teachers.

Adora, Administrative Coordinator

  • Degree(s): B.A. in Communication Arts, major in Speech Communication.

  • Place of Birth: San Juan, Philippines.

  • Been with GV Calgary Since: March 2015.

  • Places Lived: Philippines, Switzerland, Bahrain, Colombia, Canada (Toronto, Brooks, Calgary).

  • GV Goal: To assist Accounts Payable, IELTS Centre, Registration so each can focus on their core competencies; to welcome and assist students and visitors so they can have a very pleasant experience at GV.

Adriana, General English TESOL IELTS Preparation Teacher

  • Degree (s): B.A., CELTA

  • Place of Birth: San Salvador, EI Salvador.

  • Been with GV Calgary since May, 2007.

  • Places Lived: EI Salvador and Canada.

  • GV Goal: To help students become active participants in their learning by providing fun and interactive lessons.

Carla, Head Registrar

  • Degree(s): B.Phil

  • Place of Birth: St. John’s, Newfoundland but I have lived all over the world and have been travelling my whole life. Some of the countries I have traveled to include Spain, Germany, Greece, Oman, England, South Korea, Portugal, Austria, Italy, France, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Switzerland, USA etc. 

  • Been with GV Calgary since July, 2011.

  • Places Lived: South Korea, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and different places in Canada

  • GV Goal: To ensure that student gets the best possible experience they can. 

Dalene, IELTS Customer Relations

  • Degree(s): B.A. Spanish

  • Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Been with GV Calgary since: September, 2013

  • Places Lived: South Africa, Lloydminster, Calgary

  • GV Goal: To ensure that students feel welcome and have a positive experience at GV. I’m also happy to provide information and assistance to  people who are thinking of coming to study at GV in the future.

Damon, Facilities and Accounts Supervisor

  • Degree(s): B Econ., CMA (UK), CSP

  • Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa

  • Been with GV Calgary since: September, 2004

  • Places Lived: Durban/Cape Town, South Africa; London, England; Singapore; Calgary, Canada.

  • GV Goal: To provide GV students and staff a secure, clean & well-maintained building in which to study & work.

Derek, General English Teacher

  • Degree(s): B.A. in Sociology, Dip. Ed (ESL)

  • Place of Birth: Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Been with GV Calgary Since: April, 2003

  • Places Lived: Canada, Kosovo, Japan

  • GV Goal: To provide students with opportunities to participate in exciting activities, learn more about Canadian culture, and see beautiful scenery and amazing sites.

Erin, Events Coordinator

  • Degree(s): B.A. Sociology/Criminology, B.Ed, CTESOL.

  • Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec.

  • Been with GV Calgary Since: December, 2013.

  • Places Lived: Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, Fredericton, Toronto, Ottawa and Casablanca (Morocco).

  • GV Goal: Every culture finds its expression through language. As a teacher and events coordinator, I strive to help students improve both their language and cultural skills by immersing them in Canadian culture. Extracurricular activities and excursions provide a truly authentic way to learn what Calgary, Canada and the English language is all about.

Greg, General English / Cambridge FCE Teacher, EAP and Pathway Coordinator

  • Degree(s): B.A. English, Philosophy and CELTA

  • Place of Birth: Duncan, BC

  • Been with GV Calgary Since: December, 2011

  • Places Lived: Victoria, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver and Calgary

  • GV Goal: To offer a fresh and relevant variety of materials and activities in a classroom that engages and challenges students to improve their communication skills and broaden their cultural awareness. I strive to support teachers and admin staff in their efforts to provide a positive and memorable learning environment. I also assist GV students who are interested in pursuing their studies at a variety of Canadian post-secondary institutions.

John, Founding Director

  • Degree(s): M.A., Dip. Ed. (ESL), B.A.

  • Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia. Has lived in Alberta, Canada since 1984.

  • Been with GV Calgary since its beginning in 1995.

  • Travel: Europe, Japan, Korea, Cuba, Brazil, Indonesia

  • GV Goal: Working with a great team of people, our goal is to make sure our students have a great language learning experience combined with knowing more about Canada and themselves.

Kanae, Administrative Coordinator

  • Degree (s): B.A. in English and Education, Diploma of Administrative Information Management.

  • Place of Birth: Iwate, Japan.

  • Been with GV Calgary since May, 2016.

  • Places Lived: Calgary, Victoria in BC, Vancouver in BC, Japan.

  • GV Goal: To ensure that students feel welcome, comfortable and fun studying English at GV. I also want to assist students/candidates in the Registration, IELTS, and the front desk with a warm friendly heart.

Karen, ESL Teacher

  • Degree (s): B.A.

  • Place of Birth: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Been with GV Calgary since April 2010.

  • Places Lived: I have lived in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. I have also lived in Germany, France, and Korea.

  • GV Goal: I want to give the students the opportunity to view the English language as a communicative tool such as a computer or a book.  My goal is to help students develop their communication skills further.

Mike, General English Teacher

  • Degree (s): B. A.

  • Place of Birth: Raised in Calgary but I have lived in many other countries.

  • Been with GV Calgary since 2007.

  • Places visited: I love travelling and have visited other twenty six countries.

  • GV Goal: To provide a fun environment where students can learn English and expand their cultural awareness.


Phil, CELTA Trainer

  • Degree(s): B.A., M.A. in TESOL, CELTA, DELTA

  • Place of Birth: Heme Bay, England

  • Been with GV Calgary Since: May, 2005

  • Places Lived: England, Canada, China, Poland, Armenia

  • GV Goal: To ensure students receive professional and efficient service at all points of their contact with the centre.

Tania, IELTS Centre Manager

  • Degree(s): B. Ed.

  • Place of Birth: St. Catherines, Ontario. Raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. Has travelled extensively.

  • Been with GV Calgary since March, 2000.

  • GV Goal: To ensure that our students have a very positive study experience. I am always willing to meet with students to counsel them on their English level and place them in the best program to help them meet their English learning goals.

Vanessa, Academic Advisor

  • Degree (s): CELTA certified

  • Place of Birth: Edmonton, Canada

  • Been with GV Calgary Since July, 2012

  • Places Lived:  Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver (Canada); Slovenia (Europe)

  • Places Visited:  all throughout Canada and the U.S., Mexico, Jamaica, Singapore, Malaysia, the Caribbean, England, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Serbia.

  • GV Goal:  To give students and potential students advice and information on our English programs; advice on how to reach their professional, academic, and personal goals in learning the English language; and advice on how to prepare for the IELTS exam (Academic and General).

  • 15 years of English language teaching experience: General English, Academic English, Professional English, and Business English; prepared students for University of Cambridge ESOL examinations - IELTS exam (Academic and General), General English exams (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), Business English exams (CEIBT, BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC Higher); English language assistant in secondary school (Slovenia, Europe).