30+ Adult Program

GV Vancouver 30+ Adult Program

30+ GEP Program (Minimum level GV 3). Offered in response to the growing number of mature adult students at our school who prefer to study with those having similar interests. The curriculum and the prices are exactly the same as our regular General Program. The classes, however, are scheduled with an eye to keeping the mature students together. And we schedule teachers who are talented and popular among the mature students. 

30+ Activities are also flagged on our monthly activities calendar for our mature students who prefer to join activities with other mature students to reinforce their friendships.

30+ Accommodation — whether it’s in the homestay or in our hotel residence, our GV Accommodations Team is ready to place our mature student in an accommodation suitable to the specific needs and requests of the mature client.

30+ GEP is offered every month in levels GV3-6, and other levels whenever possible.