GV Victoria Farmstay, Ranchstay

A Classical Canadian Experience

GV VICTORIA’S FARMSTAY AND RANCHSTAY is a great opportunity to enhance your language skills in a caring environment through our GEP program and then apply these skills in a practical, rural setting for a period of 4 weeks. Whether you choose to live on a farm or ranch, the programs offer open-minded students a chance to help out with the chores on a family farm and expand your understanding of what it takes to live beyond city limits in the vast expanse of the Canadian landscape.

This program is a chance for those who want to have a different experience while being close to animals and learning new things; As well as for those who have previous knowledge managing a ranch or a farm in their country and would like to learn what are the local techniques used. 

*Considering the nature of this kind of program, there are some entrance requirements that must be taken into consideration. Please check our Information Sheet below or contact the school for more details.

This program is available in the Face-to-Face option only.

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