GV Victoria - Pathway Program and Partners

New Adventures, New You

Global Village English Centres have selected high quality colleges and universities which specialize in high quality instruction.  These institutions are ideal foundations for academic success.  To register for our Pathway and Partner institutions, please follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Send application package (forms, transcripts and all documents requested by pathway partner institution along with the application fee and student fee deposit, if required) to GV Registration

  • STEP 2: GV Registration forwards the documents and payments to the Pathway / Partner institution for evaluation

  • STEP 3: GV Registration receives conditional acceptance package from the Pathway/Partner and forwards this to the student or student's agent, along with the GV Letter of Acceptance, by courier if requested and paid

This program is available in both Face-to-Face and GV LIVE options.

Classes at GV Victoria are currently being offered in a HYBRID format, meaning some students are joining us in-person (f2f); some are joining us virtually via the GV LIVE platform. Our live, interactive virtual lessons are an excellent way for students in Victoria and other cities around the world to interact together, while receiving a top-notch GV education experience.

2020 GV Pathways School List