General English

New Adventures, New You

General English – 30 lessons (AM + 2 PM Option classes)

Our General English Program (GEP) – 25 lessons a week provides students with Grammar Focused English classes in the morning and the option of taking two elective classes in the afternoon.Students can choose their Optional classes based on what skill they want to improve the most and on their level of proficiency. Optional classes change every 4 weeks, permitting students to explore and expand their knowledge on different topics and skills. Some of the Optional classes have emphasis on Vocabulary. Communication, Reading and Discussion, Academic Writing, Survival English, Canadian Culture and more!

Classes are based on a curriculum designed around a communicative classroom environment. Classes will expand students' vocabulary, increase listening, reading, and writing skills, and build the confidence necessary to use English in a variety of settings. 

GV General English Provides:

  • Great nationality mix students from over 20 countries!
  • Small class sizes average 13 students per class
  • 20 social activities per month
  • Certified teaching staff
  • Comprehensive communicative curriculum speaking focused!
  • Fully accredited in Canada

Victoria Sample Elective Courses:

  • Listening Skills
  • Conversation Skills
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing Skills (General and Academic)
  • Reading and Discussion
  • Slang and Vocabulary through Media
  • English for Customer Service
  • Digital Media Projects
  • Grammar Works
  • Canadian Culture and Society
  • Leadership
  • University Prep