Cambridge IELTS,
CAE, CPE, FCE Support

The University of Cambridge has been providing language assessment since 1913. Each year 2 million people from over 140 countries write Cambridge ESOL examinations for personal development, academic or business certification.

These international examinations have been designed for non-native English speakers of all nationalities and are recognized globally as one of the best measures of English proficiency - regardless of age!

Focuses on 5 main skills covered in the examination

    • Reading

    • Writing

    • Use of English (Grammar)

    • Listening

    • Speaking

    Weekly Practice tests

      • Full mock exam at end of session

      • Official examinations are held on the final week of the program on dates set by Cambridge University

      • Exam results and certificates provided by the University of Cambridge

      • Over 75% passing rate

      • Final scores 20% higher than the national average


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