IELTS Preparation

Prepare to achieve your target IELTS test score.

GV Victoria's IELTS PREPARATION PROGRAM focuses on the main components of both the IELTS Academic Test (AC) and the IELTS General Test (G). Our IELTS specialists use a vast set of resources that assist students in achieving their desired IELTS results and guide students through essential strategies for each section of the IELTS exam: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The classes are centered on improving language skills and intensive test practice that builds familiarity with the format of the test itself. We also offer FREE monthly IELTS Preparation Seminars for students preparing for the test.

Our students have been very successful in reaching their goals and have gone on to study at universities throughout Canada and abroad, or immigrate to the country of their choice.  

IELTS Preparation Program Options

GV Victoria offers IELTS Preparation programs (group classes) at various intensities.  Choose from 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week.

Our Group Classes include access to GV ONLINE Study, a resource with additional IELTS practice materials that may be used in class, or after class for additional self study.  Register for group classes, and you'll have access to the GV ONLINE Study platform for the duration of your program, and for 4 weeks after your program ends.

For a tailored learning experience you can also take private, One-On-One IELTS Preparation Lessons. Learn more about  Private IELTS Test Preparation Lessons at GV Victoria.

ENTRANCE LEVEL: Minimum GV 5 (or complete 8 weeks in GV 4)

*Complete 12 weeks and receive a Special Certificate. 

This program is available in both Face-to-Face and GV LIVE options.

Classes at GV Victoria are currently being offered in a HYBRID format, meaning some students are joining us in-person (f2f); some are joining us virtually via the GV LIVE platform. Our live, interactive virtual lessons are an excellent way for students in Victoria and other cities around the world to interact together, while receiving a top-notch GV education experience.


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally recognized direct English language assessment of the highest quality and integrity.  IELTS is recognized by thousands of educational institutions and businesses around the world as proof of English level, and is most often taken for academic and immigration purposes.

GV Victoria is an Official IELTS Test Center. Our conveniently located Test Centre offers tests three Saturdays per month.

To learn more or register for the IELTS Test in Victoria, visit: