GV Online Study: GV 's E-learning Platform

GV Online is a customized on-line learning platform that enables students to access loads of extra lessons - any time, any where, from any device!

GV Online combines e-learning (self-study) with teacher-led, in-class lessons to allow students to improve their English rapidly. Students can enjoy additional language exercises while in the classroom, after class (homework, spare time, weekends), and for self-study after they graduate from GV!

GV Online includes exercises for all levels and programs offered at Global Village Victoria. Grammar points, as well as communication strategies for business, travel and leisure, are presented in context and backed up by practice and production exercises.

Modules contain printable study sheets and are supported by role plays and communication activities in class for the following classes: 

  • General English - all levels
  •  Test Preparation
  •  English for Business
  • Global Competence Certificate

There is also an original drama series for students to improve their listening!

GV Online Study