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Celia Xie

  • Position:  Registration & Promotions Coordinator
  • Length of service with GV: Since November 2011 (+ 4 month MBA internship, Dec 2010 - April 2011)
  • Place of Birth: Shan Xi, China
  • Degrees and/or Languages studied: Master of Business Administration/English, Cantonese,
  • Places Visited or Lived: China, Canada, USA
  • Interests: Shopping; Watch Movie; Play Tennis
  • GV Goal: I would like to serve GV Victoria's students better with my study abroad experience.

Craig Heath

  • Position:  Head Registrar
  • Length of service with GV: Since July 2011

Jacqueline Murphy

  • Position: Academic Coordinator / IELTS Support
  • Length of service with GV:   GV Calgary: 2002-2008  GV Victoria: Since Feb. 2011
  • Place of Birth:   Rossland, B.C. - in the beautiful West Kootenays
  • Degrees and/or Languages studied:  Majored in Pacific and Asian Studies and minored in English
  • Places Visited or Lived:  Lived in Japan, Vancouver and Calgary; travelled to Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Australia, the U.K., Turkey, Spain, and various cities in the US  
  • Interests:  yoga, reading, watching movies, doing crossword puzzles
  • GV Goal:  To work with GV staff and teachers to ensure our students get great service both in and out of the classroom.


  • Student Advisor

  • Jennifer

    • Head Instructor and Pathways Advisor

    • Kaitlan

      • Activities Coordinator

      • Kana

        • Student Advisor and IELTS Admin

        • Laurel

          • Accounts Manager

          • Paula Jamieson

            • Position: Chief Operations Officer
            • Place of Birth: Quesnel, BC
            • Languages studied: English and Japanese
            • Places Visited: Mexico, USA, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, Czech Rep, Latvia, Poland, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.
            • Interests: Reading, hiking, camping and playing with my beautiful little boy.
            • GV Goal: To work with the whole GV team to maintain quality programs and unique learning opportunities for students, such as work experience, internships and group tours.


            • Academic Advisor and Registrar

            • Scott Wilson

              • Position: Test Centre Administrator
              • Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta
              • Languages Spoken: English, Russian
              • Languages Studied: Russian
              • Places Visited: Switzerland, Russia
              • Interests: Scott enjoys outdoor activities like snowboarding, sailing, and hiking. When he's not enjoying the beautiful weather in Victoria, he can be found in the classroom quizzing his students on English grammar.

              Stephanie Phelan

              • Position: Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
              • Length of service with GV: January 2012
              • Place of Birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba
              • Degrees and/or Languages studied: BA Anthropology (minor History) from UVic. Studied French in High School but did not do very well. Can order coffee and say hello in French and Spanish.
              • Places Visited or Lived: I have lived in Canada and the UK and have traveled in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, China, Ecuador (and the Galapagos Islands!).
              • Interests: Travel, reading, playing Tag all over Victoria, and riding my yellow bike.
              • GV Goal: To create a positive, friendly and harmonious learning environment by connecting people through effectively managing the flow of communication between students, teachers, staff, host-families, agents and other business partners.


              • Accommodations Coordinator

              • Tanya

                • IELTS Coordinator and Language Support