Global Village Hawaii’s Cambridge Program 

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Learn more about GV Hawaii's Cambridge Programs!

Global Village Hawaii is Hawaii’s largest provider of Cambridge English Exams and we have had great success in helping students pass.

Global Village Hawaii offers 3 levels of the internationally recognized Cambridge English Exam: First (FCE) & Advanced (CAE). The exams consist of Reading, Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking parts. These comprehensive exams are approximately 3 hours long. Students are given scores of A, B, & C. The minimum passing score is a C or 60%. The Global Village Hawaii Cambridge Program requires students to have a minimum English proficiency level in order to be successful in the program and on the exam. 

Placement into the Cambridge Programs is automatic if the applicant has passed the next lowest exam within 2 years. All students who wish to enter the Global Village Hawaii Cambridge Program take an entrance test and must score a minimum of 45% in order to automatically enter the program.

Students scoring below 45% may enter the program as borderline candidates once they are counseled regarding their status and sign a form agreeing to complete extra work during the course. In order to help all students who strive to pass a Cambridge Exam, students are placed into a class with other students with similar scores on their entrance test. 

Students whose English level is too low to qualify for the Cambridge Program will be offered alternative study programs such as General English. 

We look forward to helping you achieve Cambridge Exam success and meeting you soon!

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