English + Bodyboarding

Catch a wave!

Whether it is your first time on a bodyboard or you have been catching the waves for a while, you will find bodyboarding lessons useful.

Global Village Hawaii works in coordination with Hans Hedemann to give you a truly quality experience in the water. Join one of our excellent English programs and your bodyboarding lessons will be scheduled around your schedule at school.

First decide how long you would like to study English and how many body boarding lessons you would like to take. Then decide how many English lessons you would like to take per week -16, 20, or 25 lessons — as well as which of our outstanding English programs you would like to join. We will do the rest.

The English+ Bodyboarding Program combines General English Classes and Bodyboard lessons. The program will be an experience you will never forget! Come see for yourself why Hawaii is the surfing paradise. Aloha!

Package includes:

  • Bodyboarding lessons: Two 2-hour lessons per week 

  • Everything you need for the lessons, including rash guard & bodyboard rental

  • English Lessons (16, 20, or 25 lessons per week)

  • Certificate of Completion