English + Ukulele

Learn to play Hawaii’s favorite musical instrument, the ukulele!

Global Village Hawaii is proud to be working with some of the top ukulele musicians in Hawaii led by Bruce Shimabukuro, who occasionally performs at local concerts as well as in Japan. Bruce also teaches ukulele at several high schools throughout the island of Oahu. This relationship guarantees your stay will be professionally run with first class English and ukulele instruction!

English plus Ukulele will bring delightful music to your ears!

Translated as “jumping flea”, the ukulele has been considered as one of the core musical instruments in Hawaiian music today. Regardless of experience and knowledge of the ukulele, our experienced ukulele instructors will be able to teach you basic to advanced chords and will have you strumming your favorite songs in no time. Join one of our quality English programs and your ukulele lessons will be scheduled around your English class schedule.