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GV LIVE Virtual Classes

Study English from the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world! In our GV LIVE Classes, you’ll learn English from our experienced and passionate teachers, in virtual, real-time interactive classes, using Zoom. Classes are available to support a range of language levels, and cover various English study topics depending on your interests and your study goals.

All you need to join is a computer or mobile device, and an internet connection.  For the best experience, we recommend joining GV LIVE Classes with video enabled so that you can build connections with your classmates, and share in an engaging learning experience.

Why Choose GV LIVE?

  • Learn English online from GV’s experienced and passionate teachers.
  • Enjoy an interactive classroom experience where you’ll be able to ask and answer questions, participate in small group discussions, and receive instant feedback.
  • Be part of an exciting online learning community where you can connect, have fun, and make new friends from around the world!
  • Get FREE access to GV ONLINE STUDY for additional study and practice materials.

Courses Available in our GV LIVE Virtual Class format

Here’s what’s available in our interactive virtual class format. Click to discover what you’ll focus on in our various GV LIVE Courses.