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Learn English in Canada at our two schools in Calgary, A.B. and Victoria, B.C.

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What makes our English schools in Canada special?

Global Village is here to support you on your path to learning English language skills and spoken word mastery.

For over 25+ years, our Global Village English schools in Canada have been a trusted name for language students and study travelers and is a designated Learning Institution (DLI) authorized by the Government of Canada. GV has over 9 highly sought after awards and accreditations, including IALC and Languages Canada.

Whether you are looking for information about English courses, university preparation, accommodations, activities or study permits – we are here to help!

Want to hear from a real GV student?
Meet Manon, GV Alumni:

Manon joined us from Switzerland, worked hard, and with our support was able to complete her goals and is now a GV Alumni. Watch below as she talks about her experience at Global Village in Canada!

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GV Online Pathways

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GV Study & Work Package

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Host an international student!

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Why Global Village?

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Visa & Immigration Advice

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Hosting Students + Accommodations

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Pre-Arrival Info

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Our Team

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Our Quality and Accreditations

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Academic success in Canada starts at Global Village.

Global Village has established pathway partnerships with over 15 top-tier universities and colleges to provide students with a seamless transition into their desired post-secondary institution. Through these partnerships, students can achieve their academic goals and pursue their desired careers. By completing Global Village’s English for Academic Pathways (EAP) course, students meet the English language proficiency requirement for college and university admissions.

In addition, Global Village Pathway institutions accept IELTS test scores as proof of English proficiency, and students can prepare for these tests through GV’s test preparation courses. This ensures that students are well-prepared for Canadian higher education and can confidently pursue their academic aspirations.

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Learn English with us in Canada at our beautiful destination cities, Calgary and Victoria. Find out what makes each city special!

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Ready to break free from your routine and unlock a world of endless possibilities? 🌍✨ At Global Village, an exchange experience isn’t just about learning English—it’s about transforming your life. Step into a journey that will expand your horizons and open doors to new adventures. Are you ready to see how far you can go? 🚀 #GlobalVillage #ExchangeExperience #UnlockPossibilities
Are you excited to kickstart your English learning journey but can't quite make it to Canada yet? Our GV Online Pathways program directly brings top-notch English for Academic Pathways courses to you, no matter where you're based!

🔹 What is Online Pathways at Global Village?
GV Online Pathways delivers our highly-rated English for Academic Pathways curriculum completely online. It's designed for students who aren't able to travel to Canada right away, offering flexible learning options that fit your schedule.

🔹 Where is the Online Pathways course offered?
Taught by our dedicated instructors from Calgary, this program is fully online! Plus, you can wrap up your studies with an exciting 4-week in-person Academic English Capstone Experience. Choose between Calgary or Victoria, all at the same weekly rate as your online lessons – talk about incredible value!

Discover more about our online pathway partners like Royal Roads University, SAIT, NAIT, and Camosun College, who collaborate closely with us to enrich your educational journey.

Ready to dive into a world of academic excellence with Global Village? 🌍✨ Join us and open up new opportunities today!

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Every day at Global Village, our students seize the opportunity to learn and grow in our English classroom! 🌟 Join us on this journey of language exploration and cultural discovery. 📚✨ #GlobalVillage #LanguageLearning #CulturalExchange #StudentLife #LearnEnglish #joinus
🌍 ‘One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.’ – Frank Smith. 
At Global Village, we believe in the power of language to create opportunities and transform lives. Start your journey with us and open doors to a world of possibilities. #LearnEnglish #GlobalVillage #LanguageLearning #UnlockYourPotential
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🌟 Global Village Grad Spotlight: Renzo Conquers First Year at Camosun! 🌟

Renzo Rojas Bonilla (Post-Grad Diploma in Business Administration at Camosun College) is crushing his academic journey from Peru to Canada! 🇵🇪🇨🇦 While the first semester was challenging, Renzo adapted, improved his grades in the spring, and aims for that A in the fall! 🎯 Here are his wise words for future GV Pathway students:

📅 Master Your Time: Create a schedule and stick to it! Prioritize tasks and manage them effectively.
🍎 Balance is Key: Nourish your body with healthy food, exercise, and good sleep. A healthy you is a successful you!
🧘 Mindfulness Matters: Start your day with meditation and gratitude. It helps put things in perspective.
🚀 Enjoy the Ride: Success takes time, so savor the journey and learn from every step.
📚 Practice Makes Perfect: Read daily and actively engage with native speakers to enhance your vocabulary and fluency.
💪 Never Give Up! Challenges will come, but remember, others have overcome them, and so can you! Be confident!

We're so proud of Renzo and all our GV Pathway students who return to share their inspiring stories. We create a supportive environment where you can learn, grow, and thrive. Here's to continued success in your studies and summer jobs! ☀️ See you soon! 🌟

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Happy Victory Day!🇨🇦
Enjoy this important day for Canadians!
Our schools will be closed today in Calgary and Victoria. 

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Special congratulations, Alejandro Manuel! We’re delighted to hear you had a wonderful experience at GV. 

Good luck on the next step of your journey in life!

Attention all GV alumni! Share your updates and adventures with us! Inspire others and celebrate your success with any of our hashtags:

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