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Learn English in Canada at our two schools in Calgary, A.B. and Victoria, B.C.

What makes our English schools in Canada special?

Global Village is here to support you on your path to learning English language skills and spoken word mastery.

For over 25+ years, our Global Village English schools in Canada have been a trusted name for language students and study travelers and is a designated Learning Institution (DLI) authorized by the Government of Canada. GV has over 9 highly sought after awards and accreditations, including IALC and Languages Canada.

Whether you are looking for information about English courses, university preparation, accommodations, activities or study permits – we are here to help!

Want to hear from a real GV student?
Meet Manon, GV Alumni:

Manon joined us from Switzerland, worked hard, and with our support was able to complete her goals and is now a GV Alumni. Watch below as she talks about her experience at Global Village in Canada!

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Host an international student!

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Why Global Village?

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Visa & Immigration Advice

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Hosting Students + Accommodations

Hotel Carlton Plaza room in Victoria BC

Pre-Arrival Info

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Our Team

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Our Quality and Accreditations

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Academic success in Canada starts at Global Village.

Global Village has established pathway partnerships with over 15 top-tier universities and colleges to provide students with a seamless transition into their desired post-secondary institution. Through these partnerships, students can achieve their academic goals and pursue their desired careers. By completing Global Village’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, students meet the English language proficiency requirement for college and university admissions.

In addition, Global Village Pathway institutions accept IELTS test scores as proof of English proficiency, and students can prepare for these tests through GV’s test preparation courses. This ensures that students are well-prepared for Canadian higher education and can confidently pursue their academic aspirations.

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Learn English with us in Canada at our beautiful destination cities, Calgary and Victoria. Find out what makes each city special!

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🍁 Honoring Remembrance Day at Global Village 🍁

🕊️ At Global Village, we recognize the importance of preserving the stories that shape us, and on this day, we stand together to honor the bravery and sacrifice of those who have served.

Together, we commemorate Remembrance Day with gratitude, respect, and a commitment to fostering a world built on understanding and compassion. 🌍💙

#RemembranceDay #LestWeForget #HonoringHeroes

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⚡Ever been to Lazer tag?⚡

A big group of our Global Villagers had an exciting time chasing, zapping, and scoring points for their team!

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✨ Thank you, students, for making Global Village what it is!

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🤩 Global Villager, Isabela, has some kind words to say about her experience with us at GV Victoria! 

🤗 We miss you!


"Global village quickly became my favorite place. Since the first day everyone was welcoming and kind. The teachers make the classes fun and they encourage us to work independently in order to improve every day. Having met many people of different nationalities not only helped me improve my English, it also allowed me to expand my horizons. It is one of the best experiences I have ever had."

Isabela Ruiz Perez, Colombia. -  GEP GV 8 Spring 2023


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✨ Wow what amazing news! ✨

💖 We are so lucky to be able to live, teach, and enjoy this beautiful city. 

🤔 What's your favourite part of Victoria? 


Quote from @tourismvictoriabc: 

Victoria is honoured to have been named the best city in the world by Condé Nast Traveller’s passionate reader-base. This was one of one of four distinctions bestowed upon Victoria in 2023 from the premier travel magazine's globetrotting readers. Travellers from around the world indulged in Victoria’s farm-fresh food scene, took in breathtaking seascapes along our pristine coastline, and connected with the region’s rugged rainforests from tidepool to treetop and back again. We are thrilled and humbled to be recognized as the best city in the world, and look forward to continuing to create lasting memories for travellers from around the globe."


🔗 Read the rest of the article here:


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👋 Say hello to our friend and student Safaa who came to us all the way from Egypt! 

👇 She had a lot of kind words to say about her time with us at GV Victoria, take a look 👀


"Are you looking to learn the English language in a very stimulating environment? Really, Global Village School is the best one in Victoria. I joined a school which was highly recommended for me and I studied there for a month but I noticed that my level had not improved at all. 

I decided to leave it and then I heard about Global Village School and I joined it. 

Actually, I have learned in less than a week more than I learned in the
other school in a month; that is because Global Village School has a very strong curriculum and very dedicated professional teachers in a competitive environment which helped me to improve my English skills quickly. 

At the end Global Village School is not just a school for learning but also it looks like a family home for everyone in the school."

- Safaa, Egypt

💖 Thank you for the kind words, Safaa - We really enjoy supporting you with your academic goals!


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