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Why Global Village?

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General English (GEP)

GV Victoria General English Program

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English for Academic Pathways

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English for Business

IELTS Test Preparation

Test Prep at Global Village

Cambridge Exam Preparation

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GV Victoria is proud to be official test centres for CELPIP & IELTS Exams.
We also offer a wide variety of exam preparation programs to help you reach the score you need!


Global Village has many pathway and partnership agreements with colleges and universities across Canada and the USA.

These institutions have joined with Global Village to offer students a refined and clear path to achieve the academic excellence they require to pursue the career of their dreams.

We also offer a wide variety of exam preparation programs to help you reach the score you need!

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Study English with us in either Victoria or Calgary.

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✔️Join us this week for fun, fitness, and sightseeing. The school will be closed on Friday for National Truth & Reconciliation Day
☀DOWNTOWN TOUR / Wednesday Sept 28th / 3:45pm / $FREE
⚽️SOCCER / Thursday Sept 29nd / 3:45pm / FREE
🐳 WHALEWATCHING / every weekend. Morning and afternoon tours available / $110
🇨🇭 Swiss Student Review 🇨🇭

In this 🎥, Karina shares how she lived her dream in 🇨🇦, gaining confidence in English and exploring new places around the city. 

🔹 Looking for a change of pace? 
🔹 A new adventure? 
🔹 An opportunity to brush up your English skills? 

Study with us in Victoria or Calgary for a learning adventure of a lifetime!

📧 canada@gvenglish.com
🖥 www.gvenglish.com

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✔️Join us this week for fun, games, walking tours, snacks, and a hockey game!
🎲BOARD GAME CAFE / Wednesday Sept 21st / 3:45pm / $7
🐟FISHERMAN'S WHARF / Thursday Sept 22nd / 3:45pm / FREE
🏒 WATCH A HOCKEY GAME / Friday Sept 23rd / 6:15 / $25
🐳 WHALEWATCHING / every weekend. Morning and afternoon tours available / $110
👑 Over the last few days, the world has seen an outpouring of emotions amidst the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The Canadian government set Sept 19th as a one-time holiday for government workers and public schools.  Global Village schools, however, will remain OPEN.

New student intake sessions will be held as usual on Monday, Sept 19.

GV Victoria students who want to watch the official ceremony and procession (from BC legislature to Christ Church Cathedral) may do so at 9:30 a.m. Monday, Sept. 19.  An EXCUSED ABSEENCE from class will be granted for students with photos from their attendance at the live event downtown Victoria.
Ever thought about attending a Canadian University?

Camosun College is one of GV Victoria's MANY Pathway partners! 🧑‍🏫 Our Pathway programs help you reach your education goals and feel confident in your English language skills.👊

Join a GV Pathway Info Session to decide which college or university is right for you 🤓 Or contact a Pathway Advisor today:
📧 vic-pathways@gvenglish.com
🖥 https://gvenglish.com/academics/pathways/

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📚 #motivationmonday 📚

This might seem like strange advice, but if you want to improve your English reading skills, don't stop to look-up new words in the dictionary until after you’ve finished reading a whole text.

Try to guess the meaning of new words from the context of the sentence.  This strategy can help you improve your READING SPEED and COMPREHENSION. 

Let us know if this study tip is helpful! 👍

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📱 Motivation Monday 📱
There are many ways to incorporate your phone into your English learning:

✅ Download e-books for reading practice

✅ Use social media and texting in English

✅ Use translation apps

✅ Practice answering and having daily conversations in English

Do you have any tips to add?
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✔️Join us this week for walking tour, fun in the sun, exercise, and nature!
🎱POOL & PING PONG / Wednesday Sept 7th / 3:45pm / $8
🎨ART GALLERY / Thursday Sept 8th / 4:45pm
🚣‍♀️ KAYAKING / Friday Sept 9th / 1:15 / $35
🐳 WHALEWATCHING / every weekend. Morning and afternoon tours available / $110
✔️Join us this week for walking tour, fun in the sun, exercise, and nature!
☀DOWNTOWN TOUR / Wednesday Aug 31st / 3:45pm
🏀BASKETBALL / Thursday Sept 1st / 3:45pm
😎 ROCKY MOUNTAINS TOUR / 2nd-5th / $730
🐳 WHALEWATCHING / every weekend. Morning and afternoon tours available