(GEP) General English Program in Calgary

What is a (GEP) General English Program?

Our General English Program (GEP) is one of the most sought-after English programs in Calgary. The program follows the popular Global Village curriculum, consisting of eight levels from Beginner to Advanced.


GV General English provides:

  • Full-time GEP classes and part-time elective class schedule
  • A diverse mix of interesting nationalities and excited students who are ready to learn
  • Average of 13 students per class, so you can learn in a small group
  • TESL-qualified instructors with exceptional English teaching experience
  • Focus on improving English speaking skills and confidence!


Our General English Program at Global Village Calgary

General English courses are some of the most popular courses at Global Village in Calgary. The program focuses on key aspects of learning English, which include communicative fluency and functional language across various topic areas. General English is offered full-time or part-time, at the Beginner to Advanced levels, and can be taken for 1 to 52+ weeks!

A standard full-time General English course is comprised of 20 lessons in the morning, Monday to Friday, plus elective classes on Monday to Thursday afternoons. The GV Intensive schedule contains one elective (total of 25 lessons/week); the GV Super Intensive Schedule contains two electives (total of 30 lessons/week).


General English - Morning Curriculum

The main aspect of the GEP AM lessons is a focus on a communicative and interactive classroom environment. Some of the objectives of the General English classes are to build students' vocabulary, increase listening, reading, and writing skills, and increase the student’s confidence to use English in a multitude of settings.


From 8:45-10:25, our instructors present English grammatical structures in a communicative way -with equal importance given to both fluency and accuracy. The English classes are organized so that students use the new language in conversations and speaking activities.


From 10:40-12:20, the lessons are designed to help students develop English for everyday life. Our instructors will present vocabulary and phrases through role-plays and dialogues to help everyone practice their communication skills.


General English - Afternoon Elective Options

GV students appreciate the freedom to select from a variety of afternoon elective classes. The elective options for General English cover a variety of topics that give students the opportunity to expand their English language skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Visit our Elective Classes webpage for a full list of all the exciting elective classes available for you to explore!


Who is this course for?

Because there are eight levels in our General English Program, you can join at any English level! We’ll have the fit for your current proficiency and future goals.

Global Village students enjoy our GEP program for many reasons: A diverse mix of nationalities; face-to-face contact; small class size; and motivated classmates. These features provide you a full immersion experience in the English language with plenty of engaging dialogue, practice, and correction by qualified and experienced instructors.

By taking a General English language course, you will be able to:

  • Integrate all English skills in your lessons - pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • Improve your ability to speak English in practical situations
  • Learn English through a focus on communicative grammar and functional dialogue
  • Select elective classes to develop vocabulary, accuracy, and fluency
  • Practice your English skills by making friends from different nationalities


When is this course offered?


Monday - Friday

General English:

08:45 - 12:20 PM MT


Monday - Thursday

Optional English Electives:

Option 1: 01:05 - 02:10 PM MT

Option 2: 02:25 - 03:30 PM MT

Ready to start your English study journey?

Schedule : Monday - Friday

Lessons Per Week : 20 lessons

Entrance Level : No minimum level required

Delivery Format : Face to face Hybrid

Minimum age : 16 years