(EAP) English for Academic Purposes in Calgary

What is an English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Program?

Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is an intensive program aimed to prepare GV students for success with a college or university pathway in Canada or another English-speaking country.


The EAP program at Global Village in Calgary concentrates on strengthening academic writing and reading skills, as well as intermediate and advanced communication skills. The EAP program also includes:


  • critical thinking skills
  • research skills
  • study skills
  • note-taking
  • presentations
  • digital literacy
  • academic integrity (anti-plagiarism)
  • inclusivity
  • group work


Our English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Program at Global Village Calgary 

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses at Global Village help you improve your English level through focussed practice on academically-themed classes and activities. The EAP program aims to strengthen general language skills, especially advanced level communication, academic reading and writing. The program also helps students develop critical thinking skills, research skills, study skills, note-taking, presentations and group work.


It takes time to improve your language skills to the level required at college. It may take many months if you are a beginner with you first start the program. There is no minimum level to begin your studies at Global Village, but our EAP elective classes generally start at the GV3 level.


Who is this course for?

English for Academic Purposes classes are designed for international students who are applying or have been admitted to a university or college in Canada. EAP classes are also taken by students who would like to bring their English level up to the same standard. Students who want to study at a university or college in Canada must prove their English level meets the academic requirements of Higher Education (aka “Higher Ed”) in Canada.


EAP students attended regularly scheduled meetings with the GV Pathway Advisor. These meetings will not only examine your academic progress on the pathway, but can also prepare you to complete an official application package and to communicate with the university/college while you get ready for your university studies.


Which Elective Classes can students in this program select?

EAP Elective Classes:

Here is selection of EAP option classes over a 12-week rotation:


Intermediate EAP 

  • Speaking Strategies for Success
  • Gateway to Academic Writing
  • Reading & Discussion
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Essentials - Intermediate


Advanced EAP

  • Listening & Speaking
  • Reading & Writing
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Essential - Advanced


You can read a complete list of elective classes on the Elective English Courses webpage.


Pathways to High School, College & University

GV Calgary has official Pathway Agreements with many academic institutions in Canada. This provides a wonderful option for international students who are looking to enter a high school, college or university in Canada.


Instead of taking a standardized test like IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL or Duolingo to prove their English proficiency, our students prefer to achieve Canadian entrance requirements through a more integrated program of English study. Taking an EAP program improves their language skills more naturally and organically in the course of a few weeks or months in an English-speaking environment.


Students in the EAP Pathway program will apply for and receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance from Global Village Calgary and your chosen high school, college or university in Canada. Depending on the particular pathway agreement, students must reach a level of GV 6 or 7 and complete a variety of academically-based option classes to prepare them for secondary or post-secondary studies in Canada.


Most of the Canadian pathway agreements at Global Village require a mark of 80% or higher in the final four weeks of studies. Upon proving this result, the English entrance requirement is satisfied and the “condition” is met. Completion of their university or college program can allow them to get a post-graduate work permit and eventual Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada, a critical step if your goal is to immigrate and build a life in Canada.


EAP Program Structure

Students in the EAP Program may take 20 or 25 lessons/week before reaching the GV 6 or 7 level (Advanced English). Yet, many of the GV pathway agreements require 30 lessons per week in your final 12 weeks of EAP study (at the GV6/7 level).


We do suggest studying as intensively as possible for your whole study period, to give you as much exposure to the language as possible. Students who register for only 20 lessons/week tend to require more weeks of study than students who take 30 lessons per week.

Each GV level require 8 to 12 weeks of study to progress to the next level. English language progress requires consistent use and practise in and outside of the classroom. Complete immersion in an English-speaking environment can also positively influence your results.



Ready to start your English study journey?

Schedule : Monday - Friday

Lessons Per Week : 30 lessons

Entrance Level : No minimum level required

Delivery Format : Face to face Hybrid

Minimum age : 16 years