English Programs in Victoria, Canada

Committed to quality, Global Village Victoria has highly trained English instructors and finely curated curriculum
to help make your time studying with us fun, engaging, and academically excellent.

When studying English at GV Victoria, you can expect
diverse and fun classmates, caring instructors, beautiful scenery, and a great educational experience.

General English (GEP)

GV Victoria General English Program

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Academic Pathways

English for Business (BEP)

English for Business

Exam Preparation Programs

Students Studying at desk with IELTS Cambridge and Celpip Logos nearby

Private English Lessons

GV Victoria Private Lessons

Summer Teen Intensive Program

Winter Teen Intensive Program

Winter Teen Activity in Canada

English Plus Yoga

GV Vic Yoga

English Plus Wine & Cheese

English Plus Mature

People Victoria

Elective Classes

Global Village Calgary Students Classroom