What is EAP?

EAP stands for English for Academic Pathways. EAP is often referred to as Academic English, which focuses on the skills required to perform in an English-speaking university, college or high school environment.

What is an EAP Course?

English for Academic Pathways (EAP) is an intensive, full-time academic pathway for non-native speakers of English. It is designed to prepare GV students to succeed at a college or university in Canada or another English-speaking country.

Learning to read, write, listen, and speak English at a post-secondary level is essential for academic success. A solid EAP course will help you gaining the skills and confidence to excel in the Canadian education environment.

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Our English for Academic Pathways (EAP) Course at Global Village

The English for Academic Pathways (EAP) courses at GV Calgary and GV Victoria will help you upgrade your English level through academic-themed classes and activities. Our EAP track provides students with the skills necessary to succeed in an academic English environment. You will benefit from:


Our EAP course provides students with the skills necessary to succeed in an academic English environment. You will benefit from:

    • Academic communication skills
    • Academic reading and writing techniques
    • Study skills for success in university/college academics
    • Multidisciplinary knowledge and intercultural skills


    The duration of the EAP course will depend on your starting level (Take a free English level check to see your current skills!). Each level of study takes three to four months to complete. A placement English test on your first day of classes will determine at which level you will begin. There is no minimum level to begin your studies at Global Village, but our EAP option classes start at the GV3 level.

Who is this course for?

English for Academic Pathways is a focus designed to provide learners with strategies and English language skills to succeed in academic courses at post-secondary institutions in Canada or learners who want to bring their English level up to that standard.

Students who want to study at a college or university in Canada must prove their level of English meets the academic requirements of Higher Ed (Higher Ed) in Canada.

GV has official pathway agreements with several academic institutions in Canada. GV students who complete the EAP course at Global Village will not be required to submit a standardized English language test score (e.g., CAEL, IELTS, or TOEFL).

Upon successful completion of this course, our students will be able to continue their studies in post-secondary institutions (e.g. Camosun College or SAIT) without the need to provide an English test result.

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Why choose Canada?

Canada is a multicultural and diverse country that thanks to its national policies has welcomed 17 million immigrants from all around the world.

International students choose Canada as an English-study destination for the quality and flexibility of its education system, for being known as a society that is generally tolerant and non discriminatory, and for its reputation as a safe country.

In addition, Canada has been characterized by having immigration policies that favor international students, and in these times of so much social and economic uncertainty, many people are choosing Canada as the ideal country to go to study English.

Globally recognized level of education.

High quality education standards.

Multicultural, inclusive, and safe country.

Study (EAP) English for Academic Pathways at one of our schools in Canada!

Visit our GV Pathway Brochure for a list of all high school, college and university Pathway Partners in Canada:

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