Global Village in Canada offers a variety of English courses for students of all levels.
Our 8-level system is has a specially-designed curriculum from Beginner to Advanced levels.

Special Features of GV Level Progress System:

  • Students may complete one GV level in 4, 8 or 12 weeks. (Average progress = 1 level per 8-12 weeks)
  • GV levels configured to Common European Framework (CEFR)
    Improves students’ ability to speak English in practical situations
  • Emphasis placed on spoken reproduction of the language
    Integrates all skill areas (pronunciation, listening, reading and writing).
  • Teachers provide on-going feedback and assessment to ensure students progress.
  • Regular proficiency testing (end-of-session quiz or test) every 4 weeks for moving up levels.

GV Level Equivalency Chart:

GV Levels CEFR* Equivalent General English Academic
GV8 C2 Mastery C2 Proficiency (CPE) 7 900-990 110-120
GV7 C1 Advanced C1 Proficiency (CPE) 6.5 Higher 800-899 98-109
GV6 B2+ Upper Intermediate B2 First (FCE) 6 Vantage 700-799 87-97
GV5 B2 Intermediate B1 First (FCE) 5.5 600-699 57-86
GV4 B1+ Lower Intermediate ¹ 5 500-599
GV3 B1 Pre-Intermediate B1 Preliminary (PET) 4 400-499
GV2 A2 Upper Beginner A2 Key (KET) 3 250-399
GV1 A1 Beginner 1-2 100-249
Note: This chart is meant to be used only as an approximate guide. Couse availability, entry levels and course lengths will vary from school to school. Each school reserves the right to place a student in a level based on completion of a comprehensive oral and written test conducted on the first day of class.
GV Leves vary in length to complete.
*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ¹ Entry level for IELTS

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