GV Study & Work Intensive English Course

Global Village is honoured to announce that we are now part of the Languages Canada Consortium - a Recognized Organization (RO) registered with Canada's immigration department. This allows us to offer work visa sponsorship letters for the first time as part of Canada's International Experience course! Anyone eligible to participate in IEC can enroll. If you're not sure, see here if your country participates in the IEC framework.

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What is the GV Study & Work Intensive English course?

This is a package of 12 weeks of intensive English study, plus an IEC Working Holiday visa confirmation letter. Some packages also include more services, and all come with a special tuition discount on extensions.

Who is eligible?

Here are the general eligibility criteria for participation in the IEC. You must meet all required criteria to obtain a work permit. For more detailed information, consult the IEC website.

  • You are between 18 and 35 years old
  • Your country or territory of citizenship has a Youth Mobility Agreement (YMA) with Canada
  • You may not bring any dependant family members to Canada with you
  • You can provide proof of a minimum of CAD $2,500 to cover your expenses in Canada
  • You have proof of health insurance for the duration of your stay in Canada
  • You must not be inadmissible to Canada
  • You have a round-trip ticket or proof of sufficient funds to cover your departure from Canada at the end of your authorized stay
  • You have paid the course and registration fees to Global Village


In addition, Global Village requires all students to be at least GV Level 4 prior to starting the 12-week Study & work course.

GV Victoria General English

What is included in each package?

COST: $5500 CAD $6200 CAD $6900 CAD
Working Holiday Visa Sponsorship Letter
12-week Work & Study Intensive English Course
Special tuition discount on extensions
Canada orientation & settlement package
2 guaranteed job interviews on completion

Working Holiday Visa Sponsorship / Confirmation letter:

This letter allows you to get a Working Holiday visa to come to Canada, without needing to wait for the visa selection process, and without being chosen from the visa pool – you can directly apply and receive your visa quickly, even if your country has no Working Holiday visa allocations remaining for this year. Once you have completed registration and payment, we will issue you an IEC working holiday confirmation letter on behalf of the Languages Canada Consortium. You will use this letter during your application process.


The IEC Working Holiday visa is an unlimited work visa, meaning that you are not limited to working for a specific employer; you can choose whom to join. For most countries of origin, the visa will last for one year.

12-Week intensive English Course:

This package includes 12 weeks of intensive English study – 30 lessons each week. You will be studying according to your English level in a curriculum focused on speaking, listening, and vocabulary building. This package includes special sessions focused on working in an English environment, including things like:


  • Creating a resume
  • Job interview skills
  • Canadian working culture
  • ... and more.


Students must be at least GV Level 4 to begin this course, and all applicants will receive a comprehensive English assessment at the time of registration. Students whose English level is not high enough but who want to begin their studies immediately can still enroll. However, they will not be able to begin the 12-week Work & Living course (or be eligible for guaranteed job interviews in the Gold package) until they have reached GV Level 4. Their additional studies will be discounted, based on the tuition discount for extensions. (see below)

Special tuition discount on extensions:

Receive a 25% discount on English study extensions of 1-11 weeks, or 30% on English study extensions of 12+ weeks. This is ideal for those who are not yet confident in their language skills or who are aiming at a higher position that requires stronger English. This discount is also available for those who need to enroll in General English classes prior to start because of their level. (see above)

Canada orientation and settlement package:

The Silver level of the Work & Study Package includes a a series of weekly activities designed to help the student set themselves up for success in Canada, and including items like the following every Friday afternoon after class (note: specific elements subject to availability)

  • Assistance applying for a Social Insurance Number
  • Assistance applying for bank account
  • Assistance getting SIM card and phone plan
  • Assistance getting driver’s licence (if eligible)
  • Assistance registering with your consulate (if applicable)
  • Canadian work orientation workshop
  • Tour of Calgary and orientation to public transportation
  • Access to GV Settlement Help Line
  • Access to GV Job Board

Guaranteed job interview:

The Gold level of the Work & Study package includes a guarantee of at least two job interviews with Canadian employers. These will be available to you once you have completed the 12-week intensive English course.

Ready to start your English study journey?

Schedule : See table on this webpage

Lessons Per Week : 30

Entrance Level : Low Intermediate

Delivery Format : Face to face

Minimum age : 18 (35 Max)

Location : Calgary Victoria