General English Programs (GEP) in Canada

What is General English (GEP)?

General English Programs in Canada are designed to help improve your English level for everyday use. These English lessons are offered for Beginners to Advanced students and can provide the necessary skills to enhance your communication skills in English.


You will feel confident about your daily conversation skills in English after completing the General English Course. Additionally, you will master spoken grammar without having to study grammar rules. The course will positively impact your life by improving your speaking and listening skills and helping you communicate more effectively and confidently.

General English Programs at Global Village

The General English Program at GV is chosen by many students during their time at our school. We provide you with General English classes that are interactive and fun, as well as ensure full immersion in the language through engaging dialogues, practice exercises, and corrections from qualified instructors. The program will enable you to both achieve your specific language goals and improve your overall proficiency in English.

At Global Village English schools in Canada, students can attend two beautiful campuses in – Victoria and Calgary – both equipped with modern and aesthetically pleasing facilities and a group of experienced and professional instructors who have been working in this field for many years.

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Who is the General English course for?

Global Village offers General English as a program for those who wish to develop their overall level of English or gain confidence in all of the main skill areas- speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

The General English Program will enable you to improve your English skills regardless of your level. If you wish to develop your Grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation this course is a fantastic selection to improve your functional English!

Explore our Summer Teen Academic Program & Winter Teen Academic Program offerings through the General English Program.

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Why Select a General English Program in Canada?

Canada is one of the top destinations for learning and studying English as a second language. Over 500,000 international students come to Canada each year, and thousands more join language classes to improve their skills.

There is a high demand for General English Program in Canada. When learning English in Canada, you’ll enjoy the warm welcoming people and the perfect blend of cultural diversity. All Canadian school boards, colleges, and universities strive to provide safe learning and working environments for students and teachers. The Canadian education system places a high value on safety, security, and respect.

You can learn English best by surrounding yourself with the language. In Western Canada, where the majority of the population speaks English in daily communication, you can immerse yourself in the language in all aspects of your life – in and outside of the classroom setting. With Global Village, you will have the opportunity to make friends from around the world and have an opportunity to practice English with other international students.

Come to Canada and learn English – It is a great place for students to grow and thrive!

Globally recognized level of education.

High quality education standards.

Multicultural, inclusive, and safe country.

Study General English (GEP) at one of our schools in Canada!

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