Learn English in the energetic city of Calgary, Canada

Why is Calgary a top Canadian destination to learn English?

Calgary is a large, expansive city nestled against the world-famous Rocky Mountains. It’s not just a pretty place – it’s one of the best spots in Canada to learn English. Besides the amazing scenery, this city has many wonderful things that make it a must-visit destination for language learners. It’s a mix of stunning natural beauty and friendly people, and is the perfect place to learn English and experience different cultures.

Studying at our English school in Calgary is a great way to get a world-class education, while also enjoying the many activities available here – skiing, snowboarding, shopping, summer and winter festivals, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and much, much more!

Panoramic night photo of Calgary city skyline lit up by building lights.

1. Educational Excellence

Alberta is home to globally ranked universities, and Calgary places a strong emphasis on providing quality education.

2. Cultural Diversity

Calgary boasts a rich tapestry of cultures, making it an inclusive and welcoming city for international students.

3. Natural Beauty

From global sport facilities to national parks like Banff and Jasper, students have access to amazing recreational opportunities right at their doorstep.

4. Safe and Welcoming

Calgary consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. The friendly and welcoming community ensures that international students feel secure and supported while adjusting to a new environment.

5. Dynamic Urban Lifestyle

The city’s vibrant urban scene includes cultural events, festivals, and a thriving arts community. Calgary’s downtown core offers a mix of modern architecture, shopping districts, and entertainment options, providing an exciting atmosphere for students.

6. Career Opportunities

Calgary is a hub for energy, technology, finance, and other key global industries. The city’s robust economy presents strong work opportunities for students looking to gain practical experience while studying.

Woman learning English in Calgary on a Banff excursion near a lake and looking off at big mountains


Festivals, concerts, and other activities each year.

1000+ Kilometers

Beautiful bike paths available in the region to help you explore.


International students from all over the world come to study in Calgary annually.

Student who is learning English in Calgary at Global Village looking at camera with city in background

“I chose to study at GV Calgary primarily because it is one of the accredited institutions for conducting the IELTS test and for its diverse mix of people and cultures. Another reason for my choice was its excellent location downtown, right in front of the C-train station,
and the competitive cost of studies. In the classroom, we have incredible teachers and very interactive lessons. Some instructors focus on grammar for exams, while others emphasize speaking.
You can state your goals, and they will assist you accordingly. Studying at GV has allowed me to make friends from various countries, immerse myself in the English language, and undergo personal development that I wouldn’t have experienced elsewhere.”

– Fabricio, Brazil

What is there to do in Calgary while you learn English?

Calgary weaves together adventure, learning, culture, and nightlife into an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle.

Group of four ESL students enjoying a day at the Calgary Stampede giving peace signs from their hands.
Female student who is learning English in Calgary with snowboard and snow gear on, smiling and looking at camera
Two international English students laughing at a concert who are learning English at Global Village Calgary

When you decide to learn English in Calgary, Canada, you’re not just embarking on a language-learning adventure; you’re stepping into a world of natural beauty, high-end shopping, rich culture, and vibrant nightlife. Calgary, in the foothills of the stunning Rockies, is a dynamic city that offers a unique blend of experiences. Immerse yourself in thrilling outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and exploring national parks. Discover eclectic shopping spots, from large malls to trendy streets with boutique finds. Immerse yourself in Canadian culture through visits to museums, art galleries, and participation in local festivals. And when the sun sets, Calgary’s nightlife beckons with bars, live music, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Learn English in Calgary, Canada, and let this dynamic city be the backdrop to your academic journey.

Group of international student who learn English in Calgary at Global Village hanging out outside on the grass smiling.

Why do people love learning English in Calgary with Global Village?

Global Village Calgary is a fun and friendly, yet professional, English language school.

Our great instructors and attractive urban campus are at the forefront as we strive to surpass academic industry standards to give you the best possible study experience available. While studying English with us in Calgary, you’ll find that it is easy to create a community of life-long friends, academic colleagues, and professional connections, which in turn creates a Global Village where you are always welcome. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

We are also an official IELTS testing and preparation centre!

Highly secure and safe, to ensure student safety and offer peace of mind

Staffed by expert English instructors who care about their students

Centrally located for tourism and easy travel to class

Government-approved Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

Learn English in Calgary for business, academics, immigration, social purposes, and more.

Excellent University & College Pathway Partners

Global Village Calgary serves as your gateway to well-respected universities and colleges in Canada. Choosing to learn English in Calgary with GV means embarking on a journey toward higher education excellence. Our strong affiliations with prestigious institutions ensure a smooth transition from language learning to realizing your academic aspirations in Canada. Committed to academic excellence and backed by a robust support network, Global Village Calgary becomes your stepping stone to success in Canadian higher education.

Respected accreditations

Committed to excellence, GV holds industry-respected accreditations from leading language education bodies, including IALC and Languages Canada. These recognitions underscore our dedication to maintaining rigorous quality standards in our courses. Studying English with us means choosing a trusted institution with accreditation that reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional language education. Enjoy the assurance that your educational journey is backed by the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Exciting activities, safe accommodations

At Global Village English in Calgary, we recognize that a fulfilling language learning experience extends beyond the classroom. In addition to providing top-tier English education, we offer a secure and supportive environment with GV Homestay. When you’re ready to venture out and explore, the city of Calgary awaits with a multitude of exciting activities. When you learn English in Calgary with Global Village, you have the opportunity to live a Canadian experience that is both educational and packed with unforgettable personal moments.

University Pathways Student who learned English in Calgary at Global Village English at SAIT University graduating.

“I’m really happy about the eight months that I spent at GV Calgary. That time not only helped me to improve my English and understand more about the Canadian culture, but I also met wonderful people from around the world. I always remember with joy my time at GV Calgary, and sometimes I just stop there to talk with the wonderful staff and teachers that I met and learned so much from. I graduated from SAIT in April 2019 after two years, with a Diploma in Energy Asset Management. Two months after I graduated I found a job in my area, working as Land Analyst at Land Solutions LP.”

– Carlos, Venezuela

Ready to start your English study journey?

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🔹 What is Online Pathways at Global Village?
GV Online Pathways delivers our highly-rated English for Academic Pathways curriculum completely online. It's designed for students who aren't able to travel to Canada right away, offering flexible learning options that fit your schedule.

🔹 Where is the Online Pathways course offered?
Taught by our dedicated instructors from Calgary, this program is fully online! Plus, you can wrap up your studies with an exciting 4-week in-person Academic English Capstone Experience. Choose between Calgary or Victoria, all at the same weekly rate as your online lessons – talk about incredible value!

Discover more about our online pathway partners like Royal Roads University, SAIT, NAIT, and Camosun College, who collaborate closely with us to enrich your educational journey.

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Where is Global Village Calgary located?

Global Village Calgary is centrally located and offers students a language learning experience in the heart of this gleaming city. Situated in a bustling urban setting, our campus provides a safe and welcoming environment for students from around the world to learn English in Calgary. We’re close to cultural attractions, historic landmarks, and recreational spots so that you get a great language learning experience without having to sacrifice any of the experience of living and studying abroad.

734 7 Ave SW #360, Calgary, AB T2P 3P8