(BEP) Business English for Pathways in Victoria

What is a (BEP) Business English for Pathways?

The Business English for Pathways (BEP) course is an intensive (but fun!) class with a focus on English proficiency for workplace communication, global business and corporate interactions.


Business English combines 20 lessons of GEP in the morning, with 10 lessons of Business English electives. This combination of classes prepares language students for the world of business where English skills have become the key to global communication. The Business English for Pathways (BEP) covers a variety of business themes and prepares students to speak with confidence in a corporate environment.


Our Business English course at Global Village

The Business English for Pathways (BEP) course at Global Village is the premier Business English course in Canada because it is not just a language course; it is a HOW-TO for learning to communicate in the corporate English world.

The BEP focuses on business within the Canadian context and the broader global corporate world. Content is focused on real world themes and practiced through case studies and in-depth analysis of issues.

What makes the Global Village BEP different than other English courses is our practical approach to learning. Students can walk out of the class and into the business world confident that they have the English language skills and tools necessary to negotiate, evaluate, persuade, summarize, market, interview, and sell.


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for students aspiring to pursue a career in international business, or for business people advancing an existing career where a sound grasp of corporate English is essential.

Regardless of what your profession is, having English communication skills is a valuable asset. The Business English for Pathways course helps students develop their language abilities and become comfortable with an English-speaking work environment in Canada and beyond.


When is this course offered?


Monday - Friday

General English:

08:45 - 12:20 PM PST


Monday - Thursday

Business English Electives:

Option 1: 01:05 - 02:10 PM PST

Option 2: 02:25 - 03:30 PM PST

Which Elective Classes can students in this program select?

Option 1 – Business English Electives
Effective written and spoken business communication skills
Business presentation skills
Career and Workplace communication
Vocabulary for corporate functions
International business culture
Marketing, sales, and branding
Communicating via different forms of media, including social media, telephone, email, face-to-face
Writing professional emails and letters
Client and customer interactions
Organizing, chairing, and participating in
meetings, taking minutes
Business ethics and
corporate responsibility
Money and finance
Management and corporate culture
Interview and job search skills
Leveraging social media
Digital Marketing
Option 2 – Life skills Electives
Work ethic
Time management
Goal planning
Cultural awareness
Attention to detail

Please find a full list of GV electives on the Elective English Courses webpage.


Make your Business English skills count by completing a respected Canadian credential!

For over 10 years, a pathway to the University of Victoria’s Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) program is available to students who successfully complete GV's Business English for Pathways course.

The UVic DBA program is quite popular, it is therefore very important that you check the program availability on the University of Victoria’s Diploma of Business Administration webpage before registering in the GV BEP Pathway.


Prepare for the UVic Diploma in Business Administration

GV students who want to join the University of Victoria Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) can register as a GV Pathway student and present an official GV Victoria transcript as proof of English proficiency (no IELTS or TOEFL score required). Students must enroll in the GV Victoria Business English for Pathways (BEP) and successfully complete *three (3) full BEP modules at the GV 6 level with a minimum grade of 80% and minimum attendance score of 80%.).

Ready to start your English study journey?

Schedule : Monday - Friday
More details in Schedule section of this page.

Lessons Per Week : 30 lessons

Entrance Level : GV 5-7 - Pre-advanced Intermediate (CEFR B1)

Delivery Format : Face to face

Minimum age : 18 years