Learn English on beautiful Vancouver Island in Victoria

Located on visually stunning Vancouver Island, Global Village Victoria is an English school that is ideally situated in the centre of the capital city of British Columbia, Canada. GV Victoria is well-known for our caring staff, our diverse international community of students, and a friendly, positive atmosphere.


Just finished a great English class with your new friends? Why not take a break and have lunch outside surrounded by fresh Canadian air, beautiful trees, mountains, and the open water. Studying English in Victoria is an experience that you will never forget!

Why should you study English at GV Victoria?

Global Village Victoria offers a compelling learning experience for students of all ages. The English School is known for its academic quality, the high integrity and friendliness of staff, as well as inspiring students to be better English speakers and international citizens.
GV Victoria is conveniently located in the heart of the city, which is easy and quick to get to from the accommodation option you choose, so you can focus more on your studies and not worry about long travel times. After class, there are many activity options available to you (such as whale watching, games, hiking, shopping and more!) that you can book through GV or that you will find on your own time exploring the city, which will allow you to practice your new English skills in a live setting!


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Programs at GV Victoria

We offer English classes of General ESL as well as Specialized English courses like English for Business, Power Speaking, Cambridge FCE and CAE preparation, English for High School, and Teen Activity Programs.

As Victoria’s only IELTS Test Centre, we also offer full-time classes in IELTS preparation.

Discover our Activity & Accommodation options!

Ready to start your English study journey?

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✅Join us this week for fun, games, history, culture and socializing!
🎮ARCADE GAMES AND PINBALL / Thursday March 23rd / 3:45/ pay-as-you-go
🌲ROYAL BC MUSEUM / Friday March 24th/ 1:30pm / $10
✅Join us this week for fun, games, and socializing!
🍻HAPPY HOUR / Thursday March 16th / 3:45/ $8
🎳BOWLING / Friday March 17th/ 1:15pm / $15
🎉 Happy Friday! ✨

😁 We at GV Victoria hope you had a great week and your successes were as big as this smile in the pic.

🤔 Did you have any big successes, wins, or things you are proud of this week? Drop them in the comments and share with your fellow Global Villagers!

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✅Join us this week for fun, game. sports, and socializing!
🎱POOL & PING PONG / Thursday March 9th / 3:45/ $8
🏒HOCKEY GAME / Friday March 10th/ 6:15pm / $25