English Private Lessons in Calgary

What are Private Lessons?

Through private lessons in General English or Test Preparation, students can customize their English studies with Global Village in Calgary.

Our teaching experts can aid you with your studies of a specific subject or certain English language skills. Whether you need support for a specific skill or a particular portion of a standardised test, GV Calgary’s test preparation specialists can help!


Choose private lessons for:

  • IELTS Preparation
  • CELPIP Preparation
  • Cambridge Test Preparation
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • English for the Workplace
  • Job Interviews
  • Important Presentations ... and more!


Private lessons are perfect for:

  • Students seeking direct, one-to-one English lessons.
  • Students who work but still want to better their skills.
  • Students in group classes who want extra support.
  • Students who want to achieve a target score on a particular section of a test.



  • One-on-one attention from certified instructor.
  • Concentrate on a specific skill or area of your choice.
  • Study at your own speed and on your schedule.
  • All materials are included.


Private lessons are a great way to supplement your English studies and help you feel more confident on test day. Our teaching and test experts are available to help you refine areas of the test that you may find particularly challenging, or simply aid you in becoming more proficient in your English skills.

Students may choose individual lessons or packages consisting of 6 or 12 lessons.
All private lessons are 50 minutes in length per lesson.


This course is available in both Face-to-Face and GV LIVE options.

Choose to come to the school for F2F private lessons, or to meet your teacher online with our GV LIVE option. With GV Live, enjoy an interactive virtual classroom experience where you’ll be able to ask and answer questions, participate in small discussions, and receive regular feedback.


BONUS: Our Private Lessons include access to GV ONLINE Study, a resource with additional practice materials that may be used by your instructor during your private lessons, or on your own for additional self study.  You'll have access to the GV ONLINE Study platform for the duration of your private lessons, and for 1 week after your private lessons end.

*Please contact the school for pricing.


Ready to start your English study journey?

Entrance Level : No minimum level required

Delivery Format : Face to face

Location : Calgary