GV Schools' policy and other updates on Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Global Village schools have responded to Covid-19 with rapid innovations in order to continue teaching students through GV LIVE Virtual Classes, while keeping our students and staff healthy, and supporting our clients with the exceptional service and care for which GV is renowned. Full details about GV LIVE Classes (Live Interactive Virtual Education) can be found in our brochure.

GV Schools have been following the information and advisories taken from the following trusted world, provincial and state health authorities.

Please go to these sites to find the latest and most accurate information on the risk and spread of Covid-19 and the respective advisories, directives, and best practices:

Is Global Village still accepting New Registrations? What about Extensions? Is there any special promotion available? Absolutely! GV classes continue to run in our new LIVE Virtual class format. Our passionate and experienced instructors connect with students through Zoom to provide interactive English instruction, in the same schedules as before. New, and existing students can join online from their homes in Canada, Hawaii, or anywhere in the world! Students will be able to transition to our face-to-face classrooms once health authorities permit. We will also continue to offer our GV LIVE Virtual Classes for those who prefer learning with us online.

We’re currently offering a 10% discount on tuition for registrations and extensions received by June 30, 2020, for start dates within 2020. This 10% tuition discount is on top of other promotions. Learn more about our GV LIVE Classes, read the full promotion conditions, and sign up to try one FREE lesson. Or reach out any time to our sales reps, and/or school staff for help registering or extending studies.

Does GV have a Flexible cancellation policy? Yes. Due to the concern of travel restrictions, students may have concerns about their future study-travel plans. To avoid the premature cancellation of future-dated bookings, we encourage students to keep their tuition bookings in place until a final decision must be made.

For a traveler who is banned from departing their own country or from entering Canada or the USA, GV schools will treat this scenario the same as a visa rejection.

Click here to read GV Schools’ Cancellation Policy for Health Advisories, Travel Delays and Disruptions Related to Coronavirus in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

What is the response of GV schools to advisories by Government Agencies?March 26. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada implemented an exemption to Canada’s travel restrictions for international student who hold a valid study permit that was approved on or before March 18, 2020. IRCC began allowing these students to enter Canada after this date. Students will not be allowed on flights if they show any symptoms of COVID-19, and those that enter Canada will be required to self-isolate for 14 day. Full details can be viewed on the government of Canada’s website.

GV Response: We informed our partners of this travel exemption, and are assuring all students who come to GV schools in Canada that we, along with our homestay families and accommodation partners will support new students during their transition while in self-isolating.

March 16. An announcement was made by the Canadian Prime Minister to close Canada’s borders to all non-Canadian citizens and non-permanent residences. US citizens would still be permitted to cross the border after being assessed.

GV Response: We supported those students who decided to postpone their travels to study in Canada and awaited further information from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

March 16. An announcement-directive was made by the Chief Medical Officer of British Columbia to limit the number of people attending events/gatherings to a maximum of 50.

GV Response: GV Vancouver and GV Victoria suspended classes at their schools, and began providing live interactive teacher-led virtual classes for their students, effective March 17, 2020.

March 15. An announcement-directive was made by the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta to suspend classes until further notice.

GV Response: GV Calgary suspended classes at the school, and began providing live interactive teacher-led virtual classes for their students, effective March 16, 2020.

March 13. An advisory was issued by Health Canada on March 13th to all passengers on in-bound international flights to self-monitor and undergo self-isolation for 14 days.

GV response: Students arriving at GV Canadian schools from international points on or after March 13, 2020 were asked to not come into the school. Our Directors of Studies reached out to new students to connect them on-line for their orientation and to provide live interactive virtual classes through GV LIVE Virtual Classrooms and homestay/self-study through GV ONLINE Study during the 14 day self-isolation period.

GV Hawaii - The above advisories only apply to GV schools in Canada. Noting the advice given by the local health officials to take a cautious approach, students at GV Hawaii were asked not to come to the school beginning March 23, 2020. Live interactive virtual classes commenced on March 23, 2020. Students on an F1 Student Visa were advised to maintain their full-time course of study online [18+ hours/week].

GV Calgary – Students at GV Calgary were asked not to come to the school beginning March 16, 2020. Live interactive virtual classes commenced on March 17, 2020.

GV Vancouver – Students at GV Vancouver were asked not to come to the school beginning March 17, 2020. Live interactive virtual classes commenced on March 17, 2020.

GV Victoria – Students at GV Victoria were asked not to come to the school beginning March 17, 2020. Live interactive virtual classes commenced on March 17, 2020.

What does Global Village do if a student has flu-like symptoms? If a person feels unwell, then the person is to isolate themselves from others and contact the medical authorities for direction. If in a homestay, the Host Family will assist in contacting the local health assistance number(s) or local clinic or hospital and follow their instructions to determine if the student needs to be tested, isolated in the home, or moved to a location of quarantine managed by the medical authorities.

The medical costs, including quarantine if needed, would need to be covered by the students’ medical insurance. It is important that students have appropriate and sufficient insurance coverage to cover them in the unlikely event of falling ill.

Students who have purchased Guard.me insurance through a GV school in Canada may consult the guard.me website for information on coverage and announcements related to Covid-19.

How will our homestays manage Covid-19? In addition to the note above on how a student feeling ill is managed, Global Village host families are in open communication with our homestay teams while providing excellent hospitality to students. Hosts have been provided with resources about the virus and received tips on remaining culturally-sensitive as we navigate this situation together.

Homestay Coordinators maintain regular office hours within the school and provide 24-7 support through our emergency phone lines in the evenings and on weekends.

As always, the schools are open to changing homestay placement start dates around new travel arrangements or study plans and will negotiate homestay extension requests for students who choose to stay longer at GV.

What other best practices are GV schools following?Student Support
Students and families may experience varied reactions to the emergence of a new virus such as this – anxiety, sleep disturbance or concentration issues. Students may become more anxious as they reflect on events in their home countries or other parts of the globe. To support the emotional well-being of GV students, school staff and instructors have been asked to listen, observe and note any needs as they arise.

Professional Cleaning & Hygiene
GV schools employ professionally trained and certified custodians. The regular cleaning schedule within our facilities addresses outbreak prevention and control measures. We also promote fact-based, health-related education within the schools via orientation, presentations and washroom posters, and we provide both soap and hand sanitizers. All members of the GV community (students and staff) are encouraged to stay home when sick.

Who can I contact if I have any questions? We are happy to help! Please contact any of the schools directly if you have questions. Our priority is to ensure our students and staff are kept healthy, happy, and our service uninterrupted.

Global Village schools will continue to monitor developments, provide assistance and update our students, staff, hosts and partners as necessary.

To view Global Village Victoria’s comprehensive Covid-19 Safety Plan, please click HERE.