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We offer General English to improve your communication; Business English to enhance your career opportunities; Academic English study for entry into our reputable College and University Pathway Partners; Test Preparation to help you achieve your ideal score; and more!

Book or extend your GV Victoria GV LIVE Classes before Feb 28, 2021, and get a 10% discount! Plus get $100 off the Registration Fee (Regular $150; pay only $50) for start dates before Feb 28, 2021.*

Why choose GV LIVE Classes?

Amazing Teachers.

Learn English from GV’s experienced and passionate teachers who will create a comfortable virtual learning environment and support you to reach your learning goals

Interactive Learning.

Enjoy an interactive virtual classroom experience where you’ll be able to ask and answer questions, participate in small group discussions, and receive regular feedback.

Student Community.

Be part of GV's dynamic online learning community where you can connect, have fun, and make new friends from around the world!

GV Online Study

Get FREE access to a wide variety of online course modules. Our GV ONLINE Study integrates into your virtual classroom learning, and also provides extra English practice to help you improve your skills on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Program Highlights

  • College and University Pathways

    Our GV LIVE Classes are partner approved! If you plan to study higher education in Canada or the USA, Global Village has you covered. Study Academic English in our virtual classrooms and then transfer directly to one of our pathway partner schools.  In most cases, no additional English language test is required! Sign up to try a free GV LIVE lesson, and ask us about our pathway options!

  • English for Business Program

    Do you want to build English vocabulary and communication skills for business, careers and the professional workplace? Our English for Business program will help you do just that!  Learn about Canadian and international business cultures, and develop specialized vocabulary and English language skills through focusing on business themes.

  • IELTS or CELPIP Preparation

    Our test preparation classes will help you get familiar with these popular test formats, and develop targeted test taking strategies. Global Village is a test preparation leader– join us to achieve your goal on the General or Academic IELTS test or the CELPIP test. We offer both Full-time and Part-time IELTS study options, and Part-time CELPIP study.

  • Global Competence Certificate

    The Global Competence Certificate is a program created by the New York-based, Sentio Global Education Network, and is used in conjunction with English language classes to broaden a student's perspective of the people and cultures of the world. By combining our virtual classes with a wide variety of technology-based resources, students build new skills and understanding, and enhance their English communications while focusing on key topics like Self-Awareness; Awareness about Others; Emotional Intelligence; and Developing Bridges to Others.

  • General English Program

    Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced English speaker, this superb overall course will give you the skills and confidence necessary to get to the next level of proficiency. Our General English curriculum is designed to create a communicative classroom environment. Student will expand vocabulary, increase listening, reading, and writing skills, and build the confidence necessary to use English in a variety of settings.

  • Private or Semi-Private Lessons

    Get focused, one-on-one English learning support from one of our experienced teachers, in a schedule that is convenient for you both. Our Private and Semi-Private lessons are available to support you with General English, helping you practise and improve your communications skills. We also offer lessons focused on test preparation to help you prepare to achieve targeted goals on standardized English tests and exams like IELTS, Cambridge, CELPIP, and more. Or focus on specialized English topics that meet your unique needs, like Aviation, Entrepreneurship, and more.


General English Program:
5, 16, 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week
Business English Program:
10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week
English Pro:
16 lessons per week General English + 2, 4, or 6 Tutorials
English for Academic Purposes (Pathway):
10, or 30 lessons per week
IELTS Preparation:
5, 7, 10, 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week
CELPIP Preparation:
7 or 10 lessons per week
High School Preparation:
10 or 30 lessons per week
Global Competence Certificate:
10, 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week
GEP + Global Competence Certificate:
30 lessons per week
Cambridge Teen Learners Program:
10 lessons per week
Cambridge Young Learners Program:
10 lessons per week
Private or Semi-Private Lessons:
General English or Test Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are GV LIVE classes?

GV LIVE classes are live interactive virtual education provided through the online learning platform, Zoom. Classes are taught in real time by GV Instructors. Students can connect to LIVE classes from their desktop computer or mobile device, as long as they have an internet connection. GV LIVE classes happen on a set schedule, and students are given information to join their specific classes.

What is GV ONLINE Study?

GV ONLINE study is a blended learning tool which is sometimes used as part of our classes, but may also be used as an additional resource for students who want to enhance their language learning with practice activities and exercises that they can complete at their own pace. GV ONLINE is available 24/7.

Who teaches GV LIVE Classes

GV LIVE Classes are taught by GV's experienced and passionate teachers - the same great people who have been teaching in our real-life classrooms!

Are GV LIVE classes interactive? How do students participate?

Our GV LIVE classes are totally interactive. Students can ask and answer questions either by speaking directly, or using the chat window. In addition, Zoom provides a feature that allows teachers to assign students to “breakout rooms” for smaller group work. Students can interact together in their breakout room and the teacher can drop in any time to see how things are going before bringing the whole class back together to continue discussions and learning.

How many students are in a class?

Our GV LIVE online classes have a maximum student number of 12 in Hawaii, and 16 in Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria; however, class sizes may vary depending on the particular class.

What is the class schedule?

In our GV LIVE classes, one lesson is 50 minutes long, the same length as in our face-to-face classes. GV LIVE Classes are available in a variety of weekly time-tables, providing 5, 7, 8, 10, 15, 16, 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week. 

How do students submit homework?

Students may be asked either to email homework to their instructor, or to submit their homework through the chat feature in Zoom. Homework will typically be reviewed together as a class.

Do GV LIVE classes include weekly quizzes?

Yes, students will still complete weekly quizzes (e.g. competency checks), just like in our face-to-face classes. Quizzes are managed directly through Zoom during the class time.

Do I need to use the video function to join my GV LIVE classes?

In GV LIVE classes, our teachers create a friendly classroom atmosphere where students can relax, share personal stories, and make friends from around the world. When you study in a virtual classroom, the video function is an important part of connecting with your classmates and creating rapport. It helps create an experience that’s similar to GV’s real life classroom experience. For the best GV LIVE class experience for you and your classmates, we strongly encourage using video.

For the best experience, how should I connect to GV LIVE classes?

While students can connect from any internet-connected location, on any device, students will have the best experience if they connect using a desktop or laptop computer with a strong and stable internet connection. For classes that focus on speaking, students may feel comfortable using their mobile phone. However, for classes that may require some writing, it will be easier to participate if students have a keyboard available.

I feel like the distance between my friends and I, or my teachers and myself is very close when we are in the online class. We can talk to each other any time; we can ask any questions to my teachers, any time. So that’s why I think I can speak a lot as if I’m in a face-to-face class.

~ Momo, Japan

Signup for a free trial class!

Signup for a free trial class!

*Promotion Terms and Conditions

GV LIVE Promo has been extended!
  • 10% off tuition extension to Feb 28 for all programs
  • $100 off Reg Fee
  • Free Mat & IT fees

    To qualify for the GV LIVE Promo the following conditions apply:
    • All new bookings and extensions must be received before Feb 28, 2021 for all offers.
    • The GV LIVE tuition fee discounts are valid for any start date.
    • The waived Materials & Technology fee is valid for any start date.
    • To receive the $100 discount off the registration fee, students must begin their studies on or before Feb 28, 2021.
    • These promotions may be combined with other valid promotions and discounts, and are valid for both face-to-face (F2F) and GV LIVE virtual lessons at GV Victoria.
    • Pricing, program offerings, schedules, and start dates are subject to change without notice. Our regular cancellation and refund policies, and other school policies apply.
    22 + 2 Promo - Book 24 weeks (pay for 22 weeks and get two weeks free).*
    • *Applied to both part-time and full-time programs, F2F or virtual, starting in 2021.