Terms, Policies, and Conditions


Here are the general eligibility criteria for participation in the IEC. You must meet all required criteria to obtain a work permit. For more detailed information, consult the IEC website.


  • You are between 18 and 35 years old
  • Your country or territory of citizenship has a Youth Mobility Agreement (YMA) with Canada – check here
  • You may not bring any dependant family members to Canada with you
  • You can provide proof of a minimum of CAD$2,500 to cover your expenses in Canada
  • You have proof of health insurance for the duration of your stay in Canada
  • You must not be inadmissible to Canada
  • You have a round-trip ticket or proof of sufficient funds to cover your departure from Canada at the end of your authorized stay
  • You have paid the course and registration fees to Global Village


An Agreement between Global Village and Participant begins when Global Village has received a completed and signed Application Form, has received payment of all necessary registration and course fees, and the Participant has been issued a Confirmation Letter by Global Village. Global Village reserves the right to refuse any applicant who does not meet the course eligibility requirements.


The agreement will end upon fulfillment of the terms of services outlined in the specific agreement, as per the course purchased by the Participant, or as otherwise terminated in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


By purchasing any package offered by Global Village, participating youth affirm they meet the International Experience Canada Eligibility Criteria, and accept the following course Terms and Conditions, as well as the below Use of Personal Information and Cancellation and Refund policies.


  • Participants are responsible for completing all steps in their International Experience Canada work permit application process, including providing all required documentation. Participants must meet all eligibility criteria and visa conditions.
  • Obtaining a valid Canada work permit is the responsibility of the participant. The LC Consortium is not responsible for delays in visa processing, nor for a participant’s failure to submit a complete and correct IEC application.
  • Participants are responsible for all travel expenses to get to their destination in Canada, unless otherwise specified in the course purchased. All travels before, during, and after the course are at the participant’s own risk and expense. The LC Consortium is not liable or responsible for the participant’s health and safety and loss or damage to property. The participant must ensure that they are fit and qualified to travel.
  • Gross misconduct, dangerous or offensive behaviour, involvement in illegal activity, violation of Global Village school rules while enrolled, or failure to perform duties as requested may result in the participant’s expulsion from the course.
  • The participant must follow IEC guidelines for the work permit activation process. The LC Consortium is not responsible for work permit activation issues nor for any mistakes made on the work permit once issued by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers at the Port of Entry. It is the responsibility of the participant to provide all correct documentation and verify the information on the work permit is correct. Work Permit Validity Period: For RO participations from YMA countries and territories, the work permit validity period for ROs is the same as the negotiated YMA limits.
  • Repeat Participation under RO Status: IEC participants who use a Recognized Organization for support before and during their stay in Canada are eligible for two more lifetime participations in the IEC. The second lifetime participation granted via ROs can be in the same category or a different category. RO participations are in addition to the YMA country-specific participation but note that the two lifetime RO opportunities are inclusive of previous participations with all ROs. For more information about repeat participation, see the IEC website.
  • The participant must affirm that all information in their application form is true and correct and that any false information may result in the cancellation of their course with no refund.


By submitting an application, you are providing express consent for Languages Canada and its Consortium institution to use your personal information for the following purposes:


  1. Personal information in your application, including, but not limited to, your date of birth, nationality, address, resume, and passport identification page, is used solely for determining course and work permit eligibility. This information will not be shared with or sold to any third party.
  2. Macro-level participant information, including, but not limited to, gender, age, nationality, province travelled to, duration of stay in Canada, course type, and type of work, may be shared with the government of Canada for research and statistical purposes in accordance with the IEC program.
  3. In order to support the participant, personal information may be shared with LC Consortium partners in Canada in order to arrange your accommodation, health insurance, or other in-country support services.


  • Payment of Registration Fee and Course Fee to the LC Consortium institution is required at the time of purchasing a course. Global Village will not issue a Confirmation Letter until all fees have been paid.
  • There are fees required to apply to the IEC program itself. These are in addition to LC Consortium package prices. See ‘Pay Your Fees’ on the IEC’s How To Apply website for more details.
  • Participants understand that all packages offered by Global Village include a minimum of 12 weeks of English language study in Canada, and commit to undertaking language study in accordance with the course purchased. If a participant fails to start, attend, or complete the English/French language study portion of the course at no fault of Global Village, no refund will be issued, in accordance with the Cancellation and Refund Policy.
  • If an applicant wishes to change travel dates they must inform Global Village of this change by email as soon as possible. The institution will attempt to accommodate the change and will confirm the change to the applicant in writing. Changes may be subject to change fees determined by the institution.
  • In the event that Global Village is forced to withdraw or cancel a course, a similar course will be offered to the participant. In the event that the replacement course is unsuitable, Global Village will refund 100% of the fees paid by the applicant, minus any costs incurred. The replacement course may not be the same price as the original course.
  • The Registration Fee is 100% non-refundable, including in cases of visa refusal.
  • If the participant wishes to cancel their course at any point before or during their stay in Canada for reasons including serious personal illness or death of an immediate family member (known as ‘compassionate grounds’), official documentation will be required before a refund of the course fee is provided to the participant.
    • Before the date the course begins, the participant is eligible for a 100% refund of the course fee on compassionate grounds.
    • After the course begins, the participant is eligible for a refund equal to the amount of the course which is remaining. For instance, if the course is 30% complete, the participant is eligible for a refund of 70% of the course fee. After the language portion of the course is complete, the participant is not eligible for a refund.
    • Note: A letter of credit may be provided to the participant which allows them to resume their English or French language course at a future time, depending on the conditions and dates of the participant’s work permit.
  • Course fees may be partially eligible for refunds in case of participant cancellation. See below table for more information. Note that in order to receive a refund due to visa refusal, a copy of the Canada immigration refusal letter must accompany all course cancellation requests.
Time of Cancellation Program Fee Refund Status
Program is cancelled by IRCC due to pandemic or other cause 100% refund of the program fee
Within seven days of completing application to IEC through Global Village 100% refund of the program fee
More than seven days after completing application to IEC through Global Village but more than 30 days before program start date 90% refund of the program fee
Less than 30 days before program start date 80% refund of the program fee
Visa application refused by IRCC 100% refund of the program fee
After program start date, before 10% of instructional hours completed 70% refund of the program fee
After program start date, when between 10% and 30% of instructional hours completed 50% refund of the program fee
After program start date, when more than 30% of instructional hours completed No refund of the program fee