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POLICIES DIRECTORY Check out a directory of policies for Global Village Victoria. Student Policies Student Handbook Refund Policy Student Statement of Rights Sexual Misconduct Policy Covid-19 Policies Covid-19 Safety PlanVaccination Record Requirement Other Policies Privacy Policy G-Translate Disclaimer

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Elective Options

ELECTIVE CLASS OPTIONS The core morning program at Global Village focusses on communicative grammar and functional dialogue. In the afternoons, students in an Intensive or Super-Intensive program can choose from a variety of elective classes to further develop accuracy, vocabulary and fluency. New elective classes are being developed on a regular basis, with current choices [...]

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GV Level Guide

GV LEVEL GUIDE Global Village Victoria offers a variety of English courses for students of all levels. Our 8-level system is has a specially-designed curriculum from Beginner to Advanced levels. Special Features of GV Level Progress System: Students may complete one GV level in 4, 8 or 12 weeks. (Average progress = 1 level per [...]

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Class Schedule

CLASS SCHEDULES For students seeking a full-time program, Global Village Victoria offers a schedule consisting of morning classes, followed by optional afternoon elective classes. Contact us directly to book a course. We're happy to help you select the right program for you! A standard full-time schedule is 20 lessons per week. Adding one afternoon elective [...]

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Homestay Resources

HOMESTAY RESOURCES Welcome to the Homestay resource directory for hosts of Global Village students. Becoming a homestay host for Global Village Victoria is a straightforward and accessible way to make a tremendous impact on an international student’s life. GV Victoria homestay hosts contribute to students’ educational experiences and goals by providing safe, comfortable, and friendly [...]

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Apply Now

APPLY NOW Click "Apply now" and select your courses Select your accommodation option Complete the form and get your quote! Apply Now! Whether you are looking to apply for English Courses at Global Village Victoria right now, or are simply looking for a quote, please follow the "Apply now" steps below. You will get a quote [...]

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Alumni Hub

ALUMNI HUB ALUMNI HUB WELCOME BACK, GLOBAL VILLAGER! Graduating does not mean you are left on your own. We at GV Victoria believe that, even though your GV program has come to an end, you are still a Global Villager and part of the family! Please enjoy our benefits, support, and community resources that are [...]

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College & University Pathways | Global Village Victoria

COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY PATHWAYS COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY PATHWAYS PATHWAYS TO THE CAREER OF YOUR DREAMS... Global Village Victoria has many pathway and partnership agreements with colleges and universities across Canada. These institutions have joined with GV Victoria to offer students a refined and clear path to achieve the academic excellence they require to pursue the [...]

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Student Logins

STUDENT LOGIN STUDENT LOGIN CONNECT & LEARN! Please select how you want to study today. GV LIVE Zoom Class Login GV ONLINE Self-study Login GV LIVE VideoGV ONLINE Demo Video

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Global Village Victoria Social Media

✔️Join us this week for sports and socializing!

🏐ROOFTOP VOLLEYBALL / Wednesday Jul 2nd
🥤HAPPY HOUR / Thursday July 7th 
⚾️BASEBALL GAME / Friday, July  8th

Add your name to the sign-up list on the Activity Board, or speak to Simon about how to join.

#seriouslearningseriousfun #harbourcats #rooftopvolleyball #swanspubyyj
Here's a Guide to Canada Day in Victoria, BC 🍁

Events will be in various areas of the city, bringing together neighbors, residents, and visitors from around the world. 

Read on for inspiration on what to do on or around July 1st! 

⛓: https://www.tourismvictoria.com/blog/your-guide-canada-day-victoria-bc
✔️Join us this week for culture, sports, and a tour of the Rockies!
🏀BASKETBALL / Wednesday June 29th/ FEE/ 3:45PM 
Join us for a fun and inclusive basketball game. Everyone is welcome, even beginners. This is one of our most popular activities, so sign u pearly!
🎨ART GALLERY / Thursday June 30th / by donation / 4:45PM
Get some true local culture at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Thursdays are by donation, so take advantage of this deal!
🏔ROCKY MOUNTAINS TOUR / Thursday 30th - Sunday July 3rd / $730
Take this special opportunity to visit Canada's breathtaking Rocky Mountains! This activity only happens a few times a year, so don't miss out!