DESKTOP & MOBILE CSS Testing Page Below is a testing zone to solidify what our various CSS font sizes should look like. Once everyone is in agreement, Matt can make a CSS guide to hand off for the developers. DESKTOP/TABLET H1 PLACEHOLDER H1 TITLE AT 50PX Take our backdrop: you can walk sandy beaches in [...]

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Who is Who| Global Village Canada

Who is Who Meet the team. At GV Victoria we are a passionate, adventurous group of people who love what we do. If you've connected with anyone from our team, you'll know that we pride ourselves on our welcoming, friendly environment, and that meeting students and agent partners makes our day! Whether joining us on [...]

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Careers | Global Village Canada

Careers | Global Village Canada At Global Village Canada, we pride ourselves not only on the education we provide to our students, but also to the environment we create with our employees. We strive to be a diverse workplace where every team member feels valued, celebrated, and empowered to be the best version of themselves. [...]

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Accreditation| Global Village Canada

OUR ACCREDITATIONS Our school meets the most stringent standards both locally and internationally so that our students can have the confidence that their assessment will be recognized, regardless of where they choose to study, live and work. This assurance can only come from choosing a school that is committed to quality - a commitment that [...]

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Visas & Immigrations Services | Global Village Canada

VISA & IMMIGRATION SERVICES Before you travel to Canada, you will need to check if you are eligible to travel and if necessary, submit an application for a visa and/or study permit. You will also need to gather documents that support your trip. We can help. For GV Victoria, the authorized advisor is Mr. Craig [...]

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About | Global Village Canada

WHAT MAKES GLOBAL VILLAGE SPECIAL For over 20 years, Global Village has been a globally-recognized name in the world of international education. At GV Victoria, not only are we leaders in the study-travel industry, but we are also widely known as an Academic Pathway institution supporting students in their academic and career goals. There are [...]

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