Scholarship for Ukrainian Students to take English lessons at Global Village

GV Scholarship for Ukrainian Students

GV Scholarship for Ukraine – Global Village Victoria extends support to Ukrainians in need of assistance


At Global Village Victoria, we stand with displaced Ukrainian citizens.  For the past four months, it has been a devastating experience for civilians in Ukraine, leading many to flee their homeland in search of safety and assistance. Between January 01 and July 03, 2022, approximately 58,869 Ukrainians have arrived in Canada. And we believe that, by providing assistance through English education, our language institute can directly assist Ukrainians in need.

Read this article to learn more about:

  • History of Ukrainian Canadians
  • Canada’s current relief efforts for Ukraine
  • Settlement support in Victoria, BC
  • Global Village scholarships for Ukrainian newcomers

History of Ukrainian Canadians

Canada is home of more than 1.3 million people of Ukrainian descent which is the world’s second largest Ukrainian diaspora after Russia. The Ukrainian culture is deeply ingrained in the culture of Canada and it has been preserved and promoted for over 130 years since the first Ukrainian arrived in 1891. Throughout the years, Canadian Ukrainians have demonstrated their ability to collaborate, achieve a common goal, and strengthen the multicultural identity of Canada with their amazing service, enthusiasm, and commitment to a common purpose. They are part of a diverse ethnic mosaic that has contributed to Canadian history.

Canada’s Relief Efforts for Ukraine

In the context of the Ukrainian crisis, Canada has pledged its support to those affected.  Canadian Ukrainian Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) is one of them. Under this program, Ukrainian nationals and their family members can apply for a Canadian visa to stay and work temporarily in Canada.

Settlement Support in Victoria, BC

The people of Victoria, BC are supporting Ukrainian newcomers through fundraising, donations, and many forms of non-financial assistance. The Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Society of Vancouver Island offers emergency financial assistance, accommodations, and job placement support to new Ukrainian immigrants on Vancouver Island. After Ukrainians have accessed the Canada-Ukraine Transitional Assistance Initiative (CUTAI), the British Columbia Government also offers six months of Hardship Assistance to Ukrainians arriving in the province. Aside from providing financial assistance, the BC Government also provides support in the areas of employment, health care, education, and housing. The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria is supporting displaced Ukrainians through settlement support on Vancouver Island.

Settlement Support in Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB welcomes Ukrainians with a warm heart and provides them with the resources necessary to settle here. Along with providing health coverage, schooling assistance for children, and financial and employment assistance, Alberta’s government also assists Ukrainian nationals in obtaining permanent residency through the priority application process (AAIP) and a waiver of fees.

In Calgary, the Centre for Newcomers (CFN) assists Ukrainian newcomers with a number of essential needs. In addition to settlement, employment and language services, the CFN strives to facilitate access to critical support services. As well, the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership (CLIP) supports newly arrived Ukrainians through community involvement. In Calgary, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress addressed the demands of Ukrainians for their resettlement. As part of its support for Ukraine, the Government of Alberta has contributed more than $13.5 million; the Government of Canada is also offering free charter flights to Ukrainian evacuees unable to fly on their own.

Global Village Scholarships for Ukrainian newcomers

Global Village recognizes this as an opportunity to help Ukrainian nationals increase their English skills and integrate quickly into our society. By creating opportunities for Ukrainians to learn English, we will help you to quickly gain a foothold in the Canadian school system or Canadian workforce.

In support of Ukrainian newcomers, Global Village English Centre has created three scholarship programs.  The first and second scholarships are available to any Ukrainian student who books an English language course at Global Village.  The third scholarship is being offered in collaboration with Language Canada and the Global Shapers Community.

All of the Global Village scholarship opportunities are listed below.

1. GV 4-Week Scholarship (in Calgary)

As our new school gets ready to open in Calgary on September 12, Ukrainians in Alberta can access four-week scholarships for complimentary English studies. The classes will be in-person, face-to-face at Global Village in Calgary for initial registration periods of four weeks.  Scholarship extensions may be possible based on student performance.

Global Village Calgary will offer classes in General ESL and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at our downtown Calgary school. Classes are available part-time or full-time for 20, 25 or 30 lessons/week.   Our modern, tech-enabled campus is located downtown on 7th Ave SW.

2. GV 2+2 Scholarship (in Victoria)

Global Village is pleased to offer a 2+2 scholarship to Ukrainian newcomers. The scholarship offers 50% off on any GV English program for Ukrainian newcomers over the age of 15.

GV Victoria offers free trial lessons to help you determine which program is best for you. Two choices are available for your 1-day trial lesson:

  • Morning classes, Mon-Fri, 8:45-12:20 pm
  • Afternoon classes, Mon-Thur, 1:05-3:30 pm

After a free trial lesson, you can select any GV English program at 50% off of the usual price.  Pay for a 2-week program and receive 2 weeks for free; pay for 4 weeks, get 4 more weeks free; etc.

Learn English in a small group of students with the same English level as you.  It makes a huge difference to your confidence.

3. GV Scholarship available through Languages Canada “MOVA” Initiative

Global Village has contributed two 24-week tuition scholarships to a special Languages Canada initiative.  Here are the details.

Language Canada introduced the MOVA initiative ( ‘mova’ is the Ukrainian word for language ) in collaboration with its members, partners, and the Global Shapers Community. The initiative will offer affected Ukrainians the opportunity to enroll in free English or French language courses at accredited member institutions, advanced academic pathway programs, placement in diploma and certificate programs, and the opportunity for children to participate in summer English or French language classes.

If you are interested in taking free English or French language courses, please complete the MOVA registration form. One of our friendly advisors will contact you within 2 to 5 business days after the registration form has been received.

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