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6 ways to make the most out of GV LIVE classes

The world has changed for the next little while, and we hope you’re staying safe wherever you are in the world.  We are all facing new challenges, but in every crisis we should try to find the positive points. That’s why we are proud to present our GV LIVE classes to you. We sincerely hope our online classes will become one of your ‘positive points’ during this crazy time.

GV LIVE is similar to the face-to-face GV classes that you know and love:  you’re still able to interact and socialize with international students, you still have the same great instructors, and we can still help you work towards your language and career goals. The biggest difference, some might say “positive point”,  is that GV LIVE classes can be enjoyed from your home country anywhere in the world.

With all this in mind, let’s talk about the best ways to prepare and adjust to this new learning environment so that you can make the most out of GV LIVE.


1. Learn how to use ZOOM

The first and most important thing you can do to prepare for your online classes is to be comfortable using the ZOOM app. It’s free to download and you don’t need to pay for a membership. The most important functions to know are how to share your screen, how to make sure your microphone and video are working, how to ask for help, and how to mute your microphone.

Of course, your teacher will be happy to help you use the app if you have any questions when you start your GV LIVE classes, but if you become familiar with the app first, you will be able to focus 100% on your educational goals and not have to worry about learning new technology.

Check out these videos for some helpful advice about learning ZOOM as a student.


2. Create a specific working space with a computer or laptop

If you’re lucky enough to already have a specific working area in your home with a computer or a laptop, then congratulations, you’ve already completed this step! If you have the space and are wondering if a cell phone will be OK, I’m sorry to say that you will find it quite difficult to study comfortably on such a small screen.  Of course, ZOOM will work on your cellphone and is fine for small classes which focus on speaking, but the screen is often too small to do any reading or writing assignments. You don’t need an expensive computer, but the large screen will make your GV LIVE studies much easier for you.  Being able to see and read comfortably will help your concentration and productivity, and it will relax your mind so you can fully focus on achieving your language goals with GV LIVE.

Also don’t worry if you don’t have a desk.  There’s probably something in your home that you can use,  like a kitchen table. Lots of students have come up with creative workspaces by using different items, even drums!

The most important thing is for you to reduce distractions and make sure you’re comfortable and able to fully focus on your studies, so prepare something that feels good for you.  Unless it’s your bed.  Which brings us to point #3….


3. Remember it’s a normal class

This may sound obvious to you, but you should prepare for GV LIVE classes the same way as you prepare for face-to-face classes. It might be an appealing idea, but sleeping until 1 minute before class time isn’t wise.

Treat these classes like any other; that means be awake, be alert, take notes, keep a vocabulary list, and concentrate fully on the class (don’t use your computer to do other things or listen to music during class time).


4. Use GV Online for extra practice

Here at Global Village Victoria we are proud to offer you a variety of useful resources to help you get the most out of your GV LIVE classes. In addition to our highly experienced teaching professionals, we are proud to provide GV Online. This is our helpful and user-friendly self-study platform for practicing your spelling, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar, and other English language skills. There are even exciting TV shows you can watch that are specifically designed for language learners!

The service comes free when you sign up for GV LIVE, meaning that you have support and learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. It’s easy to use, and your teacher can help you with it. Using GV Online after class will help you practice and perfect what you learn from your GV LIVE classes. You even can access your GV Online account for 30 days after you leave the school.

Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity!


5. Participate

Participation is an essential part of learning in any environment, and it is especially true when learning online. What does participation mean? It means asking questions whenever you need help or support, it means answering questions when you know the answer or you want to make a guess, and it means supporting and connecting with your classmates.

It might feel different than normal, but it’s still very easy to connect with others and make friends in our GV LIVE classes.   The most important first step to achieve this is making sure your video function is on.  It’s so important to be able to see and be seen when talking with your classmates and teachers on ZOOM.  Show everyone your beautiful eyes!

You will do lots of group and project work, so participating and being co-operative isn’t really a recommendation, it is necessary. Remember that your classmates are a fantastic source of knowledge, information, and interesting opinions. The best way to learn is to work together and help each other, and that’s exactly what happens on GV LIVE when we collaborate and participate together.


6. Get Exercise

Movement is good for your mind and your mental health. We’re all spending more time on our computers, so it’s more important than ever to find ways to exercise.

If you are able to get outside and breathe fresh air, make sure you do this at least once a day.  If you must still stay in your home, then be sure to stand up, walk around, touch your toes, do ten jumping jacks and a downward dog or two during your breaks between classes.   I promise this will help your brain remember the English you are learning.

A healthy body is a healthy mind, so remember to get some movement in before or after your classes and clear your head.


So there you have it –  6 ways to make the most out of GV LIVE classes.

I know many of you are looking forward to the day when you can get on an airplane and fly to beautiful Victoria on Vancouver Island to learn English, but in the meantime, why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to study comfortably in the safety of your own home.

In fact, click here to experience a free trial GV LIVE class.

We are waiting to help you!

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