The Hybrid Classroom Experience at Global Village

GV Hybrid Classes

On July 6th, 2020 we were very happy to be able to open our doors and welcome students back into our classrooms.   Of course, not all of our students were here in Victoria.   Many were still studying with us online from various countries around the world or even different cities in Canada.

Our new opportunity was coming back to the classroom and teaching both our face-to-face students and online students at the same time.


I had complete confidence in our ability to face this new reality since our amazing team of instructors was able to transition to GV LIVE lessons literally overnight. From March to June our GV LIVE lessons received 100% student satisfaction rating on our school survey.   Our GV LIVE lessons were still in real time and highly communicative. Perhaps more importantly, they provided a much-needed community during a time of isolation.


Slowly and Carefully

Fortunately, for this next challenge, we had the time to experiment and practice with new technology.  From July 6th, we reviewed COVID safety plans and collected student and staff feedback each week of our 3-week trial


The GV Hybrid Experience

As a result, I’m pleased to say we have created a hybrid classroom experience which allows up to 5 students in the classroom and many more virtually to communicate together, learn together and have fun together.

We are NOT simply posting content and asking students to learn it on their own time.  All of our lessons are synchronous, which means we continue to offer the real-time class experience.  Students can exchange information in the moment with their classmates and receive immediate feedback and help from their instructors.


See for yourself!

Here’s a snapshot of one of our current classes in the General English Program:

Every day at 8:45 am PST, from Monday to Friday, 2 students in Mexico, 1 student in Peru, 3 students in Calgary, and 1 student in Vancouver all click on their morning class link and join the lesson from the comfort of their own homes.  Meanwhile, our 3 students here in Victoria have just arrived in the classroom and are getting comfortable in their desks.   They have decided to bring their laptops, even though the technology in the classroom makes it possible for them to participate in the lesson without them.

The teacher uses communicative methods to help the students learn grammar and functional language.   The face-to-face students and online students are able to work together on their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.   Despite some students being a continent away, the technology allows them to be “here” in Victoria, learning English.


Start now!

Until you are able to physically come to Canada, why not see this as an opportunity to save money on travel and accommodation expenses.   Start your English journey from the comfort of your home!

If you would like to experience one of our lessons, there is no need wait. Click here to book your free trial lesson or email

We look forward to welcoming you to our GV community!

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