Homestay Victoria husband and wife couple in their backyard with two international male students smiling together

Homestay Victoria: The perks of hosting students with Global Village

Discover the benefits of hosting students with GV English Homestay Victoria. Enhance cultural exchange and create lifelong memories!

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Two international English students laughing and discussing strategies to learn English language.

The Ultimate Guide to Learning English Language skills for Beginners

To learn English, you must first know the best strategies – and this blog has them! Discover winning English strategies with Global Village.

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Group of International Global Village English school students at Royal Roads University in Canada

Pathway to an amazing University: Royal Roads

Ready to begin your Pathway to University at Royal Roads? GV English’s Pathway program is a seamless transition to higher education.

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Global Village English in Canada classroom with attentive students studying English in class

IELTS Test in Canada and how to prepare: tips and tricks

Taking the IELTS test in Canada? The Global Village IELTS guide offers valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed on exam day.

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English teacher helping student practice for IELTS English test at Global Village Victoria in Canada

Test Preparation and how to get a good score on the IELTS test

Want to know how to get a good score on the IELTS test? Read more to find out how Test Preparation lessons at Global Village English can help!

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Two Global Village English students in class at a desk looking at the camera

13 tips for speaking like someone from Victoria

Let’s look at some common expressions you’ll hear while living in Victoria. These tips will help you sound like a local in no time!

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two girls enjoying a yoga class while studying English in Canada

10 sports you can try on Vancouver Island

What are 10 sports you can try on Vancouver Island while studying English in Canada? Find out in our blog!

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Beautiful photo of downtown Calgary and the bow river with the Peace Bridge

What are people from Calgary like?

Here’s an inside look from a Montrealer (turned Calgarian) living in Calgary on what makes Calgarians Calgarians!

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Group of multicultural friends walking through Victoria, Canada and laughing

Life in Canada: a guide to understanding local customs

Every country has its own set of unspoken rules and customs. This guide will lead you to understand local customs and life Canada!

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💻 Exciting news here at GV - Introducing our Online Pathway package 👩‍🎓 We're proud to partner with Camosun College, NAIT, and SAIT to deliver this unique opportunity.

👉 The GV Online Pathway package is designed for working adults who want to start working on their higher education experience while still in their home country – but are excited about being in Canada at the end of their language studies!

Study at your convenience during evenings and weekends, then wrap up with a special one-month capstone educational experience in Canada!

⌛ Our inaugural cohort begins on July 14, 2024, with limited spots available.
Classes will be held Sunday to Thursday over a 16-week period. Then take a week off, and finish your studies in-person in your choice of Victoria or Calgary!

✅ To join, you'll need an upper intermediate level of English, which we'll assess upon enrollment.

🤩 Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your skills and enjoy an excellent life experience here in Canada.

📧  DM us for more info, or email

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🎓 Have you met our newest graduate, Dandan? 🐶

Dandan is another of our recent graduates at GV Victoria. His teachers said he was a good boy, but he didn’t speak too much. He was a very good listener and a very popular student! 

😅 Thanks for not peeing on our freshly cleaned floors, Dandan! 

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