Person playing the drums

10 Best musical artists to come from Canada

What are the benefits of being culturally immersed while studying English? Find out in our blog!

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WestJet plane flying in the sky

New WestJet direct flights to Canada from Tokyo and Europe

Great news for students who want to study English in Canada! WestJet will be offering direct flights from Tokyo to Calgary and back.

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2 women riding horseback to support the calgary stampede

What is the true value of cultural immersion?

What are the benefits of being culturally immersed while studying English? Find out in our blog!

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People skating outdoors in Calgary, Canada

Top 10 Things to Do in Calgary in the Winter

Are you ready for winter in Calgary? See our top 10 things to do in Calgary during the winter months while you study English in Canada list!

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12 things to do on Vancouver Island

12 things to do on Vancouver Island

We’ve compiled a list of 12 things you can enjoy when learning English on Vancouver Island with Global Village Victoria.

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Study in Calgary

How to prepare for your trip to study in Calgary

If you decided to study English in Calgary, here are few tips to help you prepare for your trip to Calgary, Canada.

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off campus housing in Victoria

Student Accommodation in Victoria, B.C.

Global Village has many off campus housing options. We have compiled many links and tips in this blog – we hope you find an accommodation option that suits you!

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World student day victoria

Discover the People of Victoria, Vancouver Island

Victoria is a city of only 92,000 people. But despite the small population, there are lots of interesting people to meet!

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Downtown Victoria

How to prepare for your trip to study English in Victoria

Congratulations on the decision to come and learn English in Victoria! You must be getting ready and wondering what you should pack.

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Global Village Victoria Social Media

🌟 Global Village Grad Spotlight: Renzo Conquers First Year at Camosun! 🌟

Renzo Rojas Bonilla (Post-Grad Diploma in Business Administration at Camosun College) is crushing his academic journey from Peru to Canada! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ While the first semester was challenging, Renzo adapted, improved his grades in the spring, and aims for that A in the fall! 🎯 Here are his wise words for future GV Pathway students:

πŸ“… Master Your Time: Create a schedule and stick to it! Prioritize tasks and manage them effectively.
🍎 Balance is Key: Nourish your body with healthy food, exercise, and good sleep. A healthy you is a successful you!
🧘 Mindfulness Matters: Start your day with meditation and gratitude. It helps put things in perspective.
πŸš€ Enjoy the Ride: Success takes time, so savor the journey and learn from every step.
πŸ“š Practice Makes Perfect: Read daily and actively engage with native speakers to enhance your vocabulary and fluency.
πŸ’ͺ Never Give Up! Challenges will come, but remember, others have overcome them, and so can you! Be confident!

We're so proud of Renzo and all our GV Pathway students who return to share their inspiring stories. We create a supportive environment where you can learn, grow, and thrive. Here's to continued success in your studies and summer jobs! β˜€οΈ See you soon! 🌟

#GlobalVillage #PathwayProgram #StudentSuccess #CanadianEducation #proudmoment
Happy Victory Day!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Enjoy this important day for Canadians!
Our schools will be closed today in Calgary and Victoria. 

#VictoriaDay #Canada #GlobalVillage #LanguageLearning #StudyAbroad
Special congratulations, Alejandro Manuel! We’re delighted to hear you had a wonderful experience at GV. 

Good luck on the next step of your journey in life!

Attention all GV alumni! Share your updates and adventures with us! Inspire others and celebrate your success with any of our hashtags:

#GlobalVillage #GVVictoria #GVAlumni #GVProud

#LearnEnglish #LearnEnglishDaily #CanadaLife #Canada #Victoria #CulturalExchange #LanguageLearning #ESL #StudyAbroad #EnglishSchool #LanguageExchange #InternationalStudents #EnglishClasses #ESLCommunity #LanguageSkills #EnglishTips #SuccessStories #HappyPlace #IELTS #UniversityPathway #studyabroadadventures
Global Village Alumni Spotlight!

This week, we caught up with Juan de Dios, a Global Village Victoria graduate (summer 2023) who is now pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration and Sustainability at Royal Roads University!
He loves the beautiful campus's supportive environment and ample opportunities for focused study. 

Royal Roads is known for its project-based learning; Juan's experience reflects that. He collaborates with his team on real-world projects with local businesses, honing his presentation skills!

Juan's Top Tips for Future RRU Students:

- Master Time Management: Weekly deadlines require strong organization, find a balance with your schoolwork. Don't fall behind in your assignments!

- Sharpen Your Academic Writing: Proficiency in APA referencing is key.

- Boost Your English Skills: All crucial is reading, listening, and speaking.

"The transition from GV to university is challenging, but it prepares you for the real world," says Juan. He emphasizes the importance of being ready for education in a new language and acknowledges the valuable preparation he received at GV.

Thanks, Juan! We wish you continued success in your program and a well-deserved summer break!

#GlobalVillagevictoria #AlumniSpotlight #RoyalRoadsUniversity #SuccessStory #studentlife