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Face-to-face class time is important to students.  BC’s Provincial Health Officer supports face-to-face learning in our province’s post-secondary institutions, including the Global Village English language school in Victoria BC.

Classroom health and safety is very important.  So how do schools like ours keep our learning spaces safe?

Here is what we are doing at Global Village:

  • We have arranged our classrooms and lounges according to “Return to Campus” guidelines.
  • All onsite staff and students are vaccinated.
  • We require staff and students to conduct daily Covid self-health checks.
  • We require anyone with cold or flue symptoms to stay home until their symptoms are gone.  We recommend that you speak to a nurse at HealthLink BC (8-1-1) to discuss symptoms.
  • All members of the GV community follow Covid-19 safety protocols, including:
    • Mask wearing
    • Good hand hygiene
    • Avoiding close face-to-face interactions
    • Clean facilities thoroughly each day, especially touch-points
    • Balance or restrict the number of people in each room or space

Use of Rapid Covid Tests

The Omicron variant is spreading in our communities.  Many Canadians are struggling to find Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test Kits.

Global Village Victoria has rapid test kits for our staff and students.  However, we recommend that students and hosts purchase their test kits to use on a weekly basis.


Two common questions of GV Victoria students are:

1. Where can I buy test kits in Victoria, BC?
2. How should rapid test kits be used?

The answers to these questions are below.

Where to buy Covid-19 rapid antigen test kits?

BC Public Health officials are distributing Abbot Panbio rapid test kits to the public. The BTNX Rapid Response kits is slightly more affordable.

In January or February 2022, London Drugs will start selling rapid in-store. Until then, you must purchase them online.

Still available (as of Jan 18, 2022):

Waitlist-only (as of Jan 18, 2022):


How to use a rapid Covid-19 test kit?

According to the CDC Centre for Disease Control, “Self-testing is one of several risk-reduction strategies to reduce the chances of COVID-19 transmission. They may be used regardless of vaccination or symptom status.”

If you plan to use rapid test kits as part of your personal routine, please follow these tips:

1. Read info carefully, like the rapid test kit advice page from CDC.
2. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the type of test kit you have.
3. Watch an online video for the type of rapid test kit you have.
4. Carefully use your rapid test kit, wait for the results and consider taking a photo of the results so you have a date-stamp of your status on that date.


How to dispose of a rapid Covid-19 test kit?

After you use a rapid Covid test kit, you should put it in a double-bagged bathroom garbage can.

Do NOT put a used test kit in the recycling.


Further Health & Safety Advice

Please review the “When to get tested for Covid-19” poster while monitoring for symptoms.

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