Guide to studying English in Victoria

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Your guide to learning English in Victoria

It’s no secret English rules the globe. It’s the language of pop music, movies, and the internet. It’s the language most often used when traveling, doing international business, and meeting new people. In short, it’s the language most widely spoken for international communication no matter what part of the world you reside in. And what better way to learn it than to travel to a place where English is used and spoken on a daily basis?

But with so many countries and cities to choose from, how does one decide where to go? After all, it’s not only an investment of your money, but also your time. You want to look back on it and be able to say that it was time well spent.

If you’re thinking you might like to study English in Canada, Victoria is an excellent option.

Explore our English courses for international students in Victoria.


Why should you learn English in Victoria?

Victoria is a small but picturesque city located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada.

Unlike other Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver, Victoria’s small size ensures that the trappings of living in a big city, such as crowded public transportation, incessant noise, and crime, are few and far between.

On top of that, Victoria is big enough that you can still go shopping at the various malls around town, catch a movie at the Cineplex, or head out for a drink of your choice at the numerous bars and restaurants featuring “happy hour” menus. And don’t forget about Chicken Wing Wednesdays!

Another reason to choose Victoria, and one you’re sure to notice upon arriving here, is how friendly the locals are.

There aren’t too many places in the world where you can talk to the cashier while in line at a grocery store, spark up a conversation with a stranger on a bus (or even the bus driver!), or stop and have a friendly chat with someone on the street.

Students often marvel at how approachable and helpful locals in Victoria can be, most of whom are more than willing to lend a helping hand or a friendly piece of advice to out-of-town students and visitors. This is not necessarily the case in other English-speaking cities in the world, so you definitely want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see how just friendly Canadians really are.

What is there to explore further afield?

Victoria offers many of the conveniences of urban life along with the perks of living in and around nature.

You can explore the great outdoors by going for a hike at Goldstream Park. Or why not go for a bike-ride along the 55-kilometre Galloping Goose, a bike trail that stretches from Victoria out to the hills of Sooke? Even a stroll along Dallas Road admiring the Juan de Fuca Strait or a picnic in Beacon Hill Park can more than satisfy one’s itch for contact with Mother Nature.

Enjoying Victoria’s natural beauty and relative tranquillity are part of what life in Victoria has to offer. And one of the best parts is that its public transit system can get you to where you want to go safely, affordably and will get you back home in time for dinner (roast beef and yorkshire puddings anyone?).

Yet another advantage of studying in Victoria is you have so many wonderful places to visit nearby. Rent a car and Tofino, where you’ll see some of the best surfing and nicest beaches in the world, is only a three or four-hour drive away.

Or why not take a trip down to our friendly neighbours to the south? Seattle, known as the Emerald City, is only a three-hour boat ride away on the Victoria Clipper. You could visit the world’s first Starbucks, see some fish being thrown around at Pike Place Market, or go up the 184-metre tall Space Needle to get a better view of the city.

There is also Vancouver, British Columbia’s largest city, and home to the shopping on Robson Street, the beauty of Stanley Park, and the wonder of the Capilano suspension Bridge.

And, of course, what could be more Canadian than camping? Vancouver Island has some of the best camping spots around, including Rathrevor Beach in Parksville (a two-hour drive north of Victoria), where you can camp right on the beach, Goldstream Park right here in Victoria, or any of the number of BC Provincial Park campsites or private campsites spread out all over the island.

What universities are there in Victoria?

For good reason, Victoria is a popular place for students to come study. It offers three great post-secondary institutions in Camosun College, the University of Victoria and Royal Roads University.

All three have great programs that help both Canadian and International students get the education and accreditation they need to pursue new careers or further existing ones.

However, one of the unavoidable and absolute necessities for getting into one of these institutions is a foundation in English, which means either achieving a high enough IELTS score or finding a place to study English as a pathway to a college or university.

This is where Global Village Victoria can help you.

Why should you choose Global Village?

Global Village Victoria first opened its doors in the spring of 2000 and has been helping students achieve their learning goals ever since.

Do you need help building your confidence when it comes to speaking, particularly public speaking? Our Power Speaking course gives students the opportunity to make weekly presentations in front of classmates as well as receive feedback from the instructor.

Maybe you need a score of 6.5 on your IELTS test? Try our intensive 12-week IELTS program for tips and strategies to help you get there.

Perhaps you’re looking to get into a business program, but need to expand your business vocabulary before doing so? The Global Village Victoria Business Program will do just that and more, giving students the chance to work in groups or pairs, make presentations to their classmates, participate in a business fair, and simulate all types of other business activities.

Or maybe you’d like to brush up on your grammar, improve your writing skills, learn new idioms, fine-tune your listening skills, or get more practice speaking? Our General English programs will place you in the class that’s right for you so you can get practice with students who are at your same level of learning in functional and enjoyable activities.

Meet the Global Village team

One of the best things about Global Village Victoria, and the thing we’re most proud of, is our teachers.

Through dedicated lessons and a variety of fun learning activities, GV’s teachers will work with you to ensure you accomplish your English goals, whether that’s to get into a post-secondary institution, help you get that much-needed promotion at work, or just build conversational skills so you can comfortably travel the globe.

Regardless of how long you plan to come, whether it’s for a short study of only a few weeks or a longer study period of a whole year, your teachers will make sure you put yourself on the right path toward success.

All of our teachers are qualified, experienced and ready to make your time in Canada something you’ll never forget.

Our teachers wouldn’t be able to do the job they do without the support of all the amazing administrative staff at Global Village.

If you need help finding a place to stay, our Homestay Department will place you with a Canadian family so you can further practice your English while familiarizing yourself with Canadian culture, food and lifestyle.

In addition, the Activities staff make sure you’re never bored, with a new activity to enjoy each day. Whether it’s soccer or basketball over at the park, indoor rock-climbing, laser tag, a visit to the Royal B.C. Museum, taking in a local ice hockey game, or even just a trip to a local brewery to sample Victoria’s finest suds, there’s an activity to suit everyone.

Furthermore, the Registration Office is there to help you find the right program, change to the right class or even help you sign up for your IELTS test.

Victoria: a study abroad experience you’ll never forget

All in all, Victoria is a great place to visit and study, and definitely a place that welcomes people of all backgrounds and ethnicities into its nest.

With its many parks, recreation centres, and outdoor sanctuaries, Victoria has a lot to offer lovers of sports and the outdoors while still being able to cater to those who prefer more of an urban lifestyle.

Additionally, Victoria is a safe city with good public transportation that will take you to and from our Global Village school and anywhere else you want to go. So what are you waiting for?

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