New WestJet direct flights to Canada from Tokyo and Europe

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Direct flights to Canada from Tokyo and parts of Europe.

Next year, it will be easier than ever to fly to Canada’s prairies from Asia and Europe for students hoping to study English in Canada.

Canadian airline WestJet has just announced that in Spring 2023, they will be expanding their operations at YYC Calgary International Airport by adding several new direct flights. This expansion will see the addition of non-stop flights to Calgary from Tokyo, Barcelona, and Edinburgh. They will also be adding return flights from YYC to each location.

Currently, the only way to fly to Calgary from Asia or Europe is to transfer in Vancouver, Toronto, or the United States. For this reason alone, these flights should be welcome news for any students interested in studying English in Canada.

The first flight to Tokyo from Calgary will be on April 30, 2023, and the first flight to Calgary from Tokyo will be the next day, on May 1, 2023. After that, WestJet will be running these direct flights three times per week with very convenient departure and arrival times (see table below for more details). WestJet will be releasing more details on their European flights soon.

Details of WestJet’s Service to Tokyo*

Details of westjets calgary tokyo flights

Calgary is an attractive opportunity.

WestJet is looking to the future with this announcement. Calgary has recently been making headlines in Canadian news because of its consistent growth over the past few years, in both economy and population. Many investors and businesspeople are looking at Calgary right now as an emerging market, and people who are looking to live a good life in Canada are choosing Calgary as their home. This is a very positive sign for the future of the city, and it points to greater opportunities for students who want to work in Calgary during their studies or who plan to stay in Canada once their studies are complete.

Getting around Canada.

There’s plenty to do in and around Calgary, especially with the Rocky Mountains and beautiful British Columbia just on the doorstep. However, this announcement from WestJet will also mean that it will be easier and more affordable for GV Calgary students to explore more of Canada in between their studies. Destinations and rates haven’t yet been announced, but according to the WestJet CEO, future route announcements “will focus on domestic and North American additions that will bring even more affordable travel options.”

Calgary is open for business, and GV Calgary is ready to accept students interested in pursuing their English studies in one of Canada’s best potential markets!

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